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Businesses that we have sold

Below are some of the businesses that Synergy Business Brokers has sold recently. We have experience selling companies in technology, manufacturing, construction, services, distribution, healthcare, engineering, transportation, and education.

To view the companies that we have sold in your industry please select an industry from the drop-down box below.

Niche Manufacturing Business in New Haven County, CT

(Record Products of America) We did a comprehensive, confidential marketing program which resulted in a large number of potential buyers that signed Non-Disclosure Agreements for more information. We narrowed down the list of potential buyers to those that were the most qualified and interested. Our contacts with SBA Lenders allowed the buyer to finance the deal with a minimal down payment, and the seller received over 85% of the sale price at closing. The seller agreed to a paid consulting contract of 12 months with minimal weekly hours, allowing for a transition into retirement. Contact us to sell a manufacturing company or view our manufacturing businesses for sale.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software Company in NY Metro Area

(Sigmund Software) We contacted a variety of potential buyers and received multiple bids, which allowed us to get the full asking price for this business opportunity. We had bids from software companies and private equity groups that were located in Canada, Europe, California, and the Washington DC area.  The full price offer came from a Canadian software company that was motivated to move quickly and had financing in place. Contact us to sell a software company or view our IT & software companies for sale.

Engineering Business in Bergen County, NJ

(AAES Engineering, Inc.) The majority owner of the business was in his 60’s and was ready to transition into retirement, and the minority partner was 50. They decided that the best option would be to sell the business and have the minority owner work for the new acquiring company. We introduced several potential buyers and received multiple offers on the business.  The best offer was from a large construction company with multiple offices that wanted to expand its capabilities to provide engineering services. The construction company provided an employment agreement for the minority partner and the terms of the deal that satisfied all parties. Please let us know if you would like to sell your engineering firm or view our engineering companies for sale.

Energy Conservation, Certification & Analysis firm in Middlesex County, MA

(Sustainable Energy Analytics) A company based in Middlesex County that analyzed how to reduce energy costs cost-effectively. They utilized testing, building code verification, and certification services, including LEED certifications, Energy Star, Green Building requirements, thermal imaging analysis, and more. Provided services to architects, general contractors, remodelers, HVAC contractors, as well as homeowners. We set up meetings with multiple potential buyers, and the best offer came in slightly under the asking price. The buyer was motivated and saw the value of the company, so he was willing to raise his proposal to the full asking price and was able to get SBA financing for the purchase. Contact us to sell your environmental services company.

Family Medical Practice in Texas

(Maverick County Medical) This general practitioner had a successful practice built up over many years. He was ready to retire and contacted us to find the right buyer for him. We were able to get multiple potential buyers, and ultimately the business was sold to a public company specializing in data-driven healthcare. He was comfortable with how they would take care of his patients going forward and will stay on after the sale to help with a transition. The business was sold for the full asking price 7 months from the Doctor’s first call to us. He was kind enough to write a 5-star review on Google for his appreciation of our work. Contact us to sell your Medical Practice or view our healthcare businesses for sale.

Import and Distribution Company in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania

(NML Group) Philadelphia based importer of bath and storage products from Hong Kong and mainland China and distributed the products to big-box national retailers. They developed a reputation with their customers for high-quality service and quality control. The company’s business was adversely affected by the China tariffs, so it took some time to find the right buyer that was OK with this. The buyer sees a good opportunity to grow the business based on the companies reputation and customers. Contact us to sell your import business or view our distribution companies for sale.

Staffing Company in Maryland

(Anchor Staffing) Our client had two offices in Maryland and an office in Pennsylvania. They focused on staffing in accounting, construction, information technology, warehousing, secretarial, and management. They provided temporary to permanent hires as well as direct placement. We received three different offers. The business was sold to a nationwide staffing firm. Both buyer and seller thought it was a good fit because the seller’s clients were mostly national companies and the acquiring firm would be able to grow these accounts with their national presence. The business sold for the full asking price. Contact us to sell your staffing business or view our service businesses for sale.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) & Managed Services Provider (MSP) in the Chattanooga Tennessee area

(RevTel) They provide ISP service, virtual private networks (VPN), cloud computing, voice over IP (VOIP), IT managed services, SaaS, and more. As with all of our tech assignments, we had many different potential buyers, including other tech companies. The best offer came from a private equity group that saw the opportunity to grow the business. The business was sold in less than 6 months from start to finish. Contact us to sell your ISP Business or view our tech companies for sale.

ERP Software Company in the Cleveland, Ohio area

(MetaSystems) Specialized ERP Software Company that provides systems for small and mid-sized manufacturing companies. Their software is used for Order Management, Financial Management, Engineering, CRM, Analysis, and more. The software uses an Oracle Database and uses Oracle forms and reports. They also provide IT consulting to install and customize the program. There were other technology companies interested in acquiring this company however the best offer came from an individual that worked in IT in the corporate world. He was able to get SBA financing and have the bank pay the seller at the closing. Contact us to sell your EHR Software Company.

Land Surveyor Business in New York City

(Lovell Belcher) Two owners were ready to retire after working together for many decades. They didn’t know anything about the process of selling a business and liked the fact that we had prior experience selling Surveyor companies. We were able to introduce two Surveyor companies that were very interested in the business. We were able to sell the business for the full asking price. The sellers will stay on after the sale to help with the training and transition of the company. Contact us to sell your Land Surveying Business.

Water Treatment Products & Services Company in Boston, MA Area

(Gurney Water Treatment) Family owned business for over 50 years, being sold by the 2nd generation owner.  The business designs, develops, installs, and services water treatment systems to all kinds of organizations in MA.  We had several potential qualified buyers who made offers on the business opportunity, so the seller was in a position to determine which buyer was the right one to carry the business forward.  After some due diligence by both buyer and seller, both sides were confident that they had the right fit.  The seller has a one-year employment agreement to ensure that the transition to the new owner will go smoothly. Contact Business Brokers with experience selling water treatment companies.

Home Health Care Business in Litchfield County, Connecticut

(Northwest Homecare, Inc.) A business that provides Home Health Care Aids to hundreds of elderly clients. We were able to introduce multiple buyers to the seller and obtained several bids. We negotiated the best terms and assisted the buyer in securing financing for 90% of the purchase price with the seller providing funding for 10% of the price. The buyer has a Nursing Aid business and wanted to expand his services to provide home health aides. Contact a Business Broker with experience selling multiple home healthcare businesses.

HVAC Company in Middlesex County

(Legacy Mechanical Group) They provide installation and service of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems for commercial and residential customers. They also provide energy rating services that allow their customers to use energy more efficiently. In addition to conventional HVAC systems, they offer installation of solar and geothermal systems. The owner of the business was eager to retire and relocate overseas to the country where he grew up. We were able to introduce a buyer to him within a week and close the deal in 3 months. The seller will stay on for a couple of months to help with the transition before he moves overseas. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your HVAC company.

Cosmetics Manufacturing Lab in Passaic County, New Jersey

(Contemporary Cosmetics Group) 30-year-old cosmetic lab with a full line of products for the beauty industry. They also did contract manufacturing for other cosmetic companies. We located an out of state, synergistic buyer that saw the value in the business for sale and wanted to add this to their existing operations. We were able to get a signed contract within 3 1/2 months from when we started working with our client. Contact us to sell your cosmetics business quickly.

Environmental Consulting firm in Dallas, Texas

(Benchmark Environmental Consultants) They provide a full range of environmental consulting services to clients nationwide. Their clients range from the wireless telecom industry to municipal government agencies and Fortune 500 customers. Their services included: Environmental site assessments, environmental impact statements, subsurface investigations, pollution prevention inspections and planning, remedial designs and actions, indoor air quality, and sustainability services. The owner contacted us because of our experience in selling environmental services as well as engineering and construction-related companies. We were able to locate multiple interested parties. Terms that were acceptable to both parties were negotiated, and due diligence moved forward quickly. The deal closed in 4 months from the time we started working for our client. They are a certified DBE and HUB business.

Landscaping Business in New York

(Ace Landscaping) They provide lawn care, tree services, masonry, sprinkler systems, and more. The seller wanted to retire and had previously hired another broker that was unable to get them the price that they were looking for. We were able to introduce multiple buyers, including some other large Landscaping companies that were looking to expand. However, the highest offer that was acceptable to the owner came from an individual from Pennsylvania that did not have experience in Landscaping but was interested in moving back to New York and buying a NY based business. We arranged bank financing so the seller only had to provide 10% of the price in the form of seller financing and 90% of the amount was paid at the closing with the bank providing 70% of the price and the buyer 20%. Contact us to sell your Landscaping Business or view our Landscaping Businesses for sale. 

IT Services Firm experienced in ERP, CRM, BPM, and Business Analytics in Georgia

(Bista Solutions) An M&A firm that had the assignment to sell this business wanted our assistance in locating a potential buyer. We utilized our database of over 20,000 potential buyers and experience in marketing technology companies to find many potential buyers which the M&A firm introduced to their client. They were able to close on a deal that worked for our buyer and their seller. Contact a Business Broker with experience selling IT Services Companies.

Technology Company in the Security Industry on Long Island, NY

(Alarmpath/CRN Wireless) A company that manufacturers wireless security devices which they sold to home alarm and security companies. The seller did not want to sell their company to a direct competitor or customers and was concerned about confidentiality. They had previously tried to sell the company with another Business Broker that was unsuccessful and charges an upfront fee. They liked our fee structure and experience. As with every listing we had potential buyers sign confidentiality agreements and contacted buyers that were in the industry, but not direct competitors, and also companies in related industries that could leverage the technology and customer base. We did receive multiple offers on the business for sale, and ultimately, the best buyer that was able to move forward in a timely fashion came from someone outside the industry. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your alarm system business.

Food Transportation Company in North Carolina

(Carrigan & Sons Trucking) This trucking business is located in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. They specialize in delivering chilled and frozen food products throughout the eastern half of the U.S. They also provide seasonal flatbed carrier services and a transportation brokerage business. They have a fleet of refrigerated trucks as well as the latest technology to allow them to provide the best logistics, fuel management, telematics, and more.  We received multiple offers and were able to sell the business for the full asking price. Please contact us if you would like to sell a transportation business in North Carolina or anywhere else in the US.

Electrical Contractor in the Buffalo, NY area

(Hildreth Electric) The company is one of the largest electrical contractors in Western New York, with over 70 employees. They have 7 figure projects with prominent builders as well as smaller contracts with residential customers. They have 23 city and town licenses throughout Western NY. The owner is in his 50s and was ready to transition into retirement after building up a great business. We introduced several buyers, and the best offer came from a wealthy individual investor that was partnering with someone that owned another electrical contracting company in New Jersey. During the sales process, they had to furlough 2/3 of their employees due to the COVID-19 lockdown. When upstate NY reopened, their business went back to previous levels, and the buyer was confident in closing the deal. They were able to get bank financing. The seller will stay on for a couple of years to help with a transition. He will be paid a salary with benefits and will also have profit sharing during that time.

Window Cleaning Service with Commercial Customers in Louisiana

Dominant high-rise window cleaner in New Orleans, Louisiana.  In business for 70 years.  The business was purchased by another window cleaning service located in a separate city looking to expand into the New Orleans market. The deal closed in 8 months from the time the seller hired us to sell their cleaning services company.

Engineering Company in the Hudson Valley, NY

(Eustance & Horowitz) We had multiple offers on this business opportunity.  One of the proposals was from an Architectural firm that wanted to expand into Engineering to provide a broader range of services to its clients. The other offer was from an Engineering company that wanted to expand its range of engineering expertise and capabilities from the potential firm they were interested in acquiring as well as picking up long-term clients in the Hudson Valley.  We negotiated back and forth with a variety of terms from both parties. Ultimately the other Engineering firm came up with the most favorable terms by agreeing to assume the seller’s debt in addition to a purchase price.

Wireless Internet Service Provider in Michigan

The company was started 10 years ago, offering services for wireless internet access as well as internet phone services. They provide high-security private networks and high-speed fiber services. One of the buyers that we introduced quickly got along very well with the seller. We negotiated a price that they agreed on and their great relationship continued on as they helped transition the new ownership of the business. The company is based in the Detroit, Michigan area.

Asset & Facilities Management Software Company in New York

(Williams & Associates) This software company provided asset and facilities management software products and services to government and utilities. The seller wanted the stability and steady income of working for a larger company. Sold the business to a Mexican technology company that wanted to buy an established US business to give them a presence in the US. Seller is now heading up their US operations on a salaried basis after cashing in his equity in the company.

Transportation, Logistics & Warehousing

(Cougar Express) Trucking Company is known for their on-time delivery. The owner contacted us a couple of years ago when they were considering selling their business. They decided to wait until they were ready. Once they committed, we were able to sell their business to a public transportation company (Transportation & Logistics Systems, Inc.) that was acquiring multiple logistics businesses. They were able to make a more attractive offer than other potential buyers. The business was sold for 4X net cash flow in 7 months from when we started the sale process. Contact a Transportation Business Broker to sell your Trucking Company.

Environmental Services Business in Indiana

Environmental Services company with a unique approach that allows them to offer both on and off-site solutions. We found a buyer that was a larger company in the same industry based in Ohio that was interested in expanding geographically as well as expanding into services that this company provides. The staff includes licensed, seasoned veterans from the environmental industry with a focus on environmental compliance and professional technicians and CDL drivers. Since they don’t own or operate any landfills, TSDs, recycling centers, or CWTs, they offer independent solutions. Their wastewater consulting services focus on developing onsite treatment programs while the waste management specialists offer an array of options for landfill, landfill-free, treatment, EFW, recycling, and repurpose.  Included with the business are vehicles for the safe movement of waste streams to off-site disposal and recycling centers.

Commercial Cleaning Company in Monmouth County, NJ

(Total Maintenance Services) This company has regular customers for office cleaning, medical cleaning, daycare cleaning, carpet cleaning, and floor waxing and buffing.  In addition, they also provided handyman work and provided electrical and plumbing services through licensed contractors.  The highest offer was 3X the owner’s income. The buyer was able to get SBA financing so the seller received the payment from the bank at the closing. It took a little longer with the SBA financing but the business was closed in 7 months from the time the seller contact us.  Both buyer and seller were happy with the outcome.

Civil Engineering Business in Suffolk County

(Savik & Murray LLP) The owner was in his 60’s and was ready to transition into retirement. We introduced several potential buyers and received multiple offers on the business.  The best offer was from an Architectural firm that wanted to expand into providing engineering services and also get an office in Suffolk County where some of their clients were. We were able to negotiate a deal that worked for both parties where the seller would stay on after the sale to help with a transition. Contact us to sell your Civil Engineering Firm.

Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies Distributor in Nassau County, NY

(Thunderbolt Distribution) Before contacting us, the Owner had used another business broker for over a year and a half to try to sell his business.  After the owner contacted us, we were able to locate a qualified buyer within 10 days and have an accepted offer within 20 days.  A contract was signed in 6 weeks, and the deal closed 10 weeks from our first phone call with the seller.  The owner was in his 60’s and thanked us for allowing him to retire after a brief transition with the new owner. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Janitorial Supplies Business.

SaaS Company in Florida that provides HR, E-Learning & Skills Development Solutions

A software company that provides software and services to corporations that need to drive professional development initiatives. Reputable customer base, predictable recurring revenue stream, attractive operating margins. The owner contacted us because they were ready to retire. Approaching retirement age next year. We introduced a number of buyers including other software companies and entrepreneurs. The best offer came from a private equity group.

IT Staffing Business in St. Louis, Missouri

IT Staffing business with long-term contracts with repeat customers. They have hundreds of clients. We were able to bring a number of potential buyers. We received a full-price offer of about 3X net cash flow from an IT Staffing Company in New Jersey that had offices in Canada, Texas, India, and California. Acquiring this IT Staffing company based in Missouri allowed them to expand into the Midwest with staff and customers in place. They also liked the fact that the company they acquired had long-term relationships with their customers. In addition, the buyer’s company had more recruiting resources to expand on the relationships that the seller had.

Import & Distribution Business in Westchester County

(Empire Mercantile, Inc.) The seller had built up a successful business over the years importing goods primarily from China and distributing them to their US customers. He was ready to retire at age 68 and interviewed a couple of business brokers to represent him and chose Synergy Business Brokers for our comprehensive Marketing approach. We were able to provide him with 3 offers, and he sold the business for the full asking price. The seller will stay on after the sale for a couple of months to provide training and a transition.

Medical Transportation Company in Western Massachusetts

(MJ Transportation) The company provides non-emergency medical transportation for patients to get to and from their doctor appointments. The owner wanted to relocate out of state. We were able to find the right buyer and negotiate terms that worked for both parties. Contact us to sell your medical transportation business.

Marketing & Management Consulting Company in Westchester County, NY

(Mark Stevens & Company) The company provides a full range of advertising and marketing and management consulting services.  We had multiple potential buyers, and the owner didn’t want to retire immediately, so he decided to sell 50% of the business and stay on and work with the new owners for several years and increase the value of his remaining 50% ownership. The second half of the business was sold 5 years after the first half of the business. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Marketing Agency.

Home Care Franchise in Fairfield County, CT

(Synergy Homecare) The seller was busy with a full-time job and didn’t have time to devote this business. We located a buyer that had time to invest in growing the company and was able to get an exclusive territory and ongoing clients.

Plastic Manufacturing & Fabrication Business

(Plastic Works) Provided custom and off the shelf products to distributors and directly to consumers. The business had been previously listed with multiple business brokers. We were able to find the right buyer for this niche manufacturer and close the deal. Contact a Business Broker to sell your plastic manufacturing business.

Roofing Contractor Business

(Marcellino Roofing) A company that provided roofing, siding, and other exterior construction work. The seller was speaking to a buyer that was taking a long time to consummate a deal. We set up a meeting with a new buyer, and the deal was closed in a record time of a week from the initial introduction of buyer and seller. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to Sell your Roofing Business

Internet Dry Cleaner Business Based in New Jersey

(Flat Rate Cleaners) Internet Dry Cleaner business based out of New Jersey servicing customers in NYC and New Jersey. We located a buyer that had an existing Dry Cleaner plant and could leverage these retail customers with his current business. The seller wanted to take some time off from working for the company and was able to do so after completing the sale.

Fiber Optic Installation & Repair Contractor in the Western US

A company that has been established for over 40 years providing telecommunications cabling services for broadband and traditional telecom customers. In addition to installation and maintenance, they also provide emergency repair. The owner was interested in retiring. We were able to locate a number of potential buyers and the owner was able to sell the business for a multiple of 4 to 5 X their annual net cash flow. The buyers had worked in the industry and had a third-party investor.

Insurance Brokerage in Bergen County, New Jersey

(Wiggers Insurance) Although our marketing campaign attracted dozens of potential buyers, we spent considerable time qualifying them so that the seller would not have to spend his valuable time interacting with buyers who were either unable or unwilling to meet his pricing target. After winnowing the vast field of buyers to only a handful that we introduced to the seller, we negotiated a price that was significantly higher than the prevailing price for comparably sized brokerages. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Insurance Agency.

Workflow Software Company in the Philadelphia suburbs of Burlington County, NJ

(Momentum Software, Inc.) This company has proprietary software used in Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, government, and manufacturing to allow them to transfer files securely. The products improved workflow in Supply Chain Management, ERP, E-Commerce, Electronic Funds Transfer, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). With our experience in selling software companies and our extensive database of potential buyers, we were able to quickly introduce many potential buyers for the company, and a deal was negotiated and closed within a few months from the seller’s initial inquiry to us.

Spray Foam Insulation Company in the Finger Lakes Region of NY (outside of Rochester)

(Midlakes Insulation) A business that provides energy star insulation for both commercial and residential customers saving them money on their Heating and Air Conditioning bills.  We were able to locate a buyer that did not need bank financing and was able to pay over 80% of the purchase price at the closing with the seller financing the balance. Both buyer and seller were a pleasure to work with and were appreciative of our work in facilitating the process. Contact us to sell your insulation business.

Steel Fabrication Business in Maryland

AISC certified shop utilizing skilled fabricators, welders, and estimators delivering high-quality products including stairs, railings, connection parts, and more. They have a large 48,000 sq. ft. facility. Established over 30 years. Located in the Washington, DC area of Maryland. The business had multiple offers and was sold for the full asking price. The business was purchased by an entrepreneur that had previously purchased another business from us last year and is looking to build his portfolio with future purchases from us. The sellers were comfortable that the buyer would take care of their employees and customers going forward.  Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your metal fabrication business

Driver Education Company in Westchester County

(PAS Auto School) Driver Education company providing driving lessons to schools and private individuals. We executed a marketing plan that involved internet advertising, mailings, phone calls, and networking. We received multiple offers for this business opportunity. The business sold to a Private Equity Group. Contact us to sell your driving school.

Engineering Company

(James LaSalla Associates) A business that specializes in providing engineering services to large telecom companies. 60% of the company’s revenue was from AT & T. We contacted hundreds of engineering firms to get some companies that were comfortable with submitting an acceptable offer on a company that relied so heavily on one customer. We were able to get about 20 to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and 3 submitted proposals. We closed on a deal for 90% of the seller’s asking price. The buyer was a larger diversified engineering firm that wanted to provide additional services to new clients.

Landscaping Business

(John Bauso Landscaping, Inc.) As a result of our previous experience selling Landscaping businesses, the owner of the company was confident in our ability to represent him in the sale of his business. We were able to introduce multiple buyers and negotiate a sale price and terms that worked for both buyer and seller. The seller will stay on after the sale and be paid a consulting fee with the number of hours worked decreasing over time.

Supply Chain Software Company with Patented Reverse Auction technology in Manhattan

(Printvision, Inc.) Their technology allows their customers to reduce their costs with their suppliers. We were able to locate several potential buyers, and the best offer came from an Asian software company that was in a similar business and wanted to get a foothold in the US Market and NYC was the perfect location for them.

Internet Wine Business in Rockland County, NY

(Liquid Discount) A business that derived the majority of its revenue over the Internet.  We located the right buyer that appreciated the internet business but was also willing to operate a retail store with walk-in customers.

Flooring Distribution Business on Long Island

(ACF Distribution) A business that sells and distributes carpet & flooring products to tradesmen and designers. The seller of the company initially hired another brokerage firm that charged an upfront fee and was unable to sell their business. After their 6 month period was over the seller contacted us and liked the fact that we committed to market and advertise his business with no upfront fee. We had several interested parties and were able to get an accepted offer relatively quickly. When the initial buyer didn’t move fast enough to complete the deal, we contacted other potential buyers and were able to sell the business within 6 months of taking the assignment. The second buyer that purchased the business owned a Kitchen & Bath business that was located near the seller’s company, so both the buyer and seller felt it was a perfect fit. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your flooring business.

Manufacturer of Packaging Machines in Union County, NJ

(MacTec Packaging Technologies) The company supplies niche machines used for packaging in pharmaceuticals, chemical testing, food, health and beauty, and R&D clinical applications.  The seller wanted to list the business for a lower price than what we thought we could get for the business. We recommended a higher asking price and ended up selling the business for above the asking price based on the fact that we had over half a dozen offers for the business.  The seller had tax returns based on a cash basis and profit and loss statements based on an accrual basis. The financial information as presented made it harder for banks to loan on the business. We were able to select a private equity firm that understood this and didn’t need external financing. The business was sold in 7 months from start to finish. The seller was thrilled to get a higher price and recommended us to a friend who owns a similar business and is looking to retire. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Packaging Business.

Manufacturing & Distribution Specialty Food Business located North of Albany, NY

(Futia’s Famous) The Business supplied their specialty food products primarily to Supermarkets.  We had many interested buyers and the buyer that won out, had relationships with other supermarkets that the seller didn’t have and vice versa, so the opportunity to cross-sell into each other’s customer base was very synergistic.  The buyer was very interested in the contacts that came from the business, and the buyer was looking to move from their high rent district in the Rochester, NY Area. They were able to get a favorable deal with the landlord for additional space in the Albany area at almost half the square foot rate they were paying in Rochester. Since the buyer was experienced in the industry, he only required the seller to stay on board for a two-week transition period, which is precisely what the owner wanted because he was ready to retire. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Food Manufacturing Business.

Chemical Import & Distribution Company in NY

(CB Chrystal) The seller already had a buyer for one product line of his company. He retained us to sell the other part of the company. They imported and distributed Chemicals and Minerals. The buyer that made the best offer needed bank financing because the seller was only willing to provide 10% of the purchase price in seller financing. We were able to use our banking contacts to walk both buyer and seller through the process. The financials needed to be restructured to show the income and expenses of the business without the product line that was not part of the sale. In addition to the price paid at the closing, the seller was provided with financial payments and incentives to stay on after the sale and assist the buyer. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Chemical Business or Mineral Supply Company.

Concrete Pumping Business

(American Concrete Pumping) A business that provides Residential and Commercial Concrete pumping for foundations, walls, floors, and more. The owner had the company for many years and was ready to retire. Our marketing led to multiple offers, and we negotiated terms with a buyer that was able to provide the seller with what they were looking for, and the buyer was able to secure bank financing. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your concrete business.

Education Business

(Formula One) The sellers had a profitable business and weren’t in a hurry to sell but would sell if they got the right terms.  We received multiple bids on the company. The buyer did not need outside financing. He paid the majority of the purchase price at the closing, and the seller financed the balance over 5 years.  The seller will stay on after the sale to provide a smooth transition. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell an Education Business.

Underground and aerial cable installation, maintenance and repair Company in the Schenectady, NY Area

(Cable Care Construction) They work with underground cable networks for many major cable companies. Services include setting telephone poles, splicing fiber and coax, performing cable replacement and line extensions, aerial and underground cable construction, joint trench construction in new subdivisions, 24-hour on-call service, and storm damage repair. Their largest customer made up over 80% of their revenue which many buyers didn’t want. We found a buyer that was comfortable with this and move forward with the purchase. The sale included both the business and the real estate. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Cable Installation and Maintenance Business.

Environmentally Friendly Oil Recycling Business in Southern New Hampshire

(EcoOil Recycling) This business is a favorite of the EPA as they recover oil from restaurants and then process and resell it for multiple uses. In addition, they clean the internal grease traps, which is a value add and leads to the profitable oil recovery business. During the COVID-19 recession, we were able to introduce the buyer within 1 week and close the deal in less than 4 months from our first conversation with the seller. The business is located in Rockingham County, NH and serves approximately 600 restaurant customers in MA, NH, and ME. All customers are serviced monthly, creating a predictable, recurring revenue stream. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your eco-friendly business.

IT Services & Systems Integration Company in the Capital Region of NY

(New England Systems & Software, rebranded as Acture Solutions) The company provides IT Services to both Corporate and Government Clients. Their areas of expertise include the Design, Installation, Implementation, and Support of Computer Networks, Wireless Systems, Security, Telecommunications, Networking, Video Conferencing, managed systems, and more. They have experience working with systems from Cisco, IBM, Dell, 3Com, HP, and more. Due to our large database of potential buyers for Tech companies we received a lot of interest. After meeting with potential buyers and negotiating offers we went into due diligence and closed the deal in 8 months from the start of the assignment. The new owner hired a CEO from another company in the industry and relocated the company from Lake George, NY to Schenectady.

Manufacturer & Distributor of Architectural Glass & Aluminum located in Connecticut

(Architectural Glass Industries) A company that fabricates and sells custom glass and aluminum to contractors and construction companies that install their products for residential and commercial customers. Their products are used in kitchen and baths, storefronts, railings, countertops, flooring, and interior and exterior construction. We marketed the company to potential buyers within the construction industry and outside the industry. The best offer came from a buyer in his 30s who had managed a wealthy family office investment fund. He had accumulated significant funds himself and decided it was time to open up his own investment firm, and this was his first investment. He purchased the business and real estate with his own funds and did not need any outside financing, which leads to an easier closing. The Real Estate had a 12,000 sq. ft. facility. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Glass Fabrication & Services Business.

Home Healthcare Services Company in Texas

We were able to sell the business in less than 3 months for the full asking price to a buyer with experience in the industry. The company offers services that include skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medication management, speech therapy, home health aides, nutritional care, wound care, diabetes management, IV infusions, and more. The buyer was able to obtain SBA financing with only 5% of the purchase price as a down payment. The home healthcare business for sale was located in the Abilene, TX area.

Machine Shop & Defense Contractor

(Four K Machine Shop) The company prototypes and fabricates metal parts for military and commercial applications. They utilize CAD software applications for custom metal machining. A few long term government customers make up the majority of their revenue.  The buyer was a Turkish company that imported and exported military equipment. Turkey is a NATO ally, and the Turkish company acquired this company in the NY area to establish a presence in the US. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Machine Shop.

Day Care & Preschool Business & Property in Hartford County, CT

(Bright Beginnings) A business that provides daycare for children ages 6 months to 10 years old. They offer child development programs and education classes. The owner was ready to retire, and we found a buyer that would show the same care that the owner had for the business. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Daycare Business.

Civil Engineering & Surveyor Company on the Jersey Shore (Ocean County, NJ)

(O’Donnell Stanton) Two partners were both ready to retire and they had some family members in the business so they wanted to make sure they got the right buyer that would take care of the employees and customers and they decided that another larger engineering firm in the NY/NJ area would be the best fit to take over their business. The owners are staying on after the sale to ensure a smooth transition.

Health Care business for Psychotherapy, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

(MHH Clinical) We had several inquiries and sold the company to someone that had experience in the industry and was able to bring their expertise to the business with the help of a transition from the owner to ensure that ongoing care was provided to their patients. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your psychotherapy, Physical Therapy, or Occupational Therapy business.

Package Manufacturing Company in the Allentown, PA Area

(JD Packaging) A well-established Contract Packaging Company, providing turn-key packaging solutions focused on flexible liquid pouches for the cosmetic and personal care industry consumer products, is available for acquisition. The seller wanted to retire and contacted us in May. We introduced the first potential buyer in June. In July, we introduced the buyer that purchased the business. He worked at a large manufacturing company and was able to get bank financing and close on the deal in October. All told, it was 5 months from the first contact until closing. The business has been established for more than 10 years and has developed an excellent reputation, and has yearly repeat customers who are small, medium, and large private label companies that supply products to nationally known channels.

IT Managed Services & Consulting Company

(Information Systems Division, Inc.) They provide IT Managed Services for Cybersecurity, Data Recovery and Backup, Server Management, 24/7 Tech Support, Computer Repair, SEO, Website Development, and more. They are certified partners of Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, EMC, and more. They have a location in Oneonta (the Appalachian Region of New York) and the Southeast. We received over 150 Non-Disclosure Agreements signed from interested buyers on this deal with multiple offers. The highest bidder was a private equity firm (Cloud Equity Group) that had purchased other IT Services firms and was interested in growing through acquisition. The sales process was helped when our client spoke with the other IT Firm that was acquired and got positive feedback on how they treated employees and customers after the acquisition.

Publishing Business

(Town Planner) A publishing company with many years in business was quickly sold to an overseas buyer who was looking for a solid business, combining both ease of operation with potential expansion possibilities. A contract was signed within 45 days of listing the business for sale. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Publishing Business.

Property Management Company

(General Property Management) is a Property Management Company with over 300 Buildings under management. They have expertise in all phases of coop/condo and rental building management. Its functions include collections, financial reporting/budgeting, maintenance/repairs, dealing with complaints, and communicating with board members and owners. The business was sold within 6 months and the seller was very happy with our services. Read their 5-star review here: Google Review.

Email Marketing Software Company

(Entertainment Arts Research, Inc.) We had many potential buyers, and ultimately, the best offer was from a public marketing and communications company that saw an opportunity to leverage the proprietary software of our client. They will keep the owner of the company on for a while after the sale to help them make the best use of the technology, clients, and staff of the company.

Geotechnical Engineering Business – Environmental Services & Building Inspections

This company headquartered in the Western US, provides a wide range of services including initial investigation, taking field soil samples, laboratory testing, seismic analysis, engineering analysis, and designs for foundations, streets sections, and other structural components. They provide geotechnical, environmental, inspection and materials testing services to residential, commercial, and public clients.  Long-term projects include the development of 50 subdivisions, 2 active retirement communities, and extensive work with elementary and middle schools, auto dealers, and churches. We found a buyer that was a private equity-backed engineering, environmental services, and architectural firm that had acquired a number of engineering firms which the seller was familiar with. The ability to ask the owners of these firms how they were treated post-sale gave the seller comfort in moving forward with the deal. They agreed to stay on after the sale to help with a transition for the clients and employees.

B2B Software Development Firm in New Mexico

The customers are companies who are developing custom software as an important part of their businesses and need the technical expertise that this company has. They offer design and technology services which include full-stack web application development, UI / UX design, data science, and cloud deployment solutions. The company is based in New Mexico but their workers are remote. The buyer was another company that made their first acquisition as part of a growth strategy to acquire additional IT companies.

Interior Design & Construction firm for Luxury Residential Homes & Apartments

(Cayley Barrett Associates) The owner initially contacted us to get an idea of the process of selling the business even though they weren’t quite ready to retire. After they thought about for a while and talked it over, they decided to engage us to sell their business with the idea that they would stay on and work with the buyer for several years as a transition into retirement. We introduced a buyer that had terrific chemistry with the seller. They were confident that it would be a great working relationship and the seller agreed to provide some financing so the buyer could pay some of the sale price over time. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Interior Design & Build Company.

Insurance Brokerage

The owner was interested in retiring. We had multiple offers on the business for sale, and the ultimate buyer was another insurance company that wanted to expand their book of business.

Educational Franchise for Kids

(FasTracKids) FasTracKids offers a variety of educational programs for kids ages 6 months to 8-year-olds to ignite children’s passion for education. They also have educational camps and other opportunities to combine Fun & Learning.  With our experience in selling educational businesses, we were able to get multiple potential buyers for this business opportunity, and as a result, was able to get the full asking price for the seller. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your test preparation business.

Mental Health & Psychotherapy Business

Large Counselling practice with 30 therapists has been sold. They provide counseling for anxiety, depressions, ADD, Autism, Substance Abuse, Psychosis, and more. Their services included telemedicine, in-home house calls, as well as in-office counseling. They serve individuals, families, vocational mentoring, and more. The business was purchased by another mental health business that wanted to expand through acquisition. The business was sold in less than 5 months from the time we started on the assignment. We assisted with SBA financing so that the seller was able to receive almost all of the proceeds at the closing.

Point of Sale Computer Hardware & Software Reseller

(Action Computer Systems, Inc.) This company had a specialized niche, and we were able to locate a buyer that was a public company that wanted to enter this market.  The business was sold for the full price that the seller wanted. Contact us to sell your Point of Sale Business.

E-Commerce Business

Sold products nationwide and built up an extensive email list that they used to develop long-term repeat customers. We located a buyer and arranged the financing so that the seller was able to get paid the full price at closing without the need to provide any seller financing. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your e-commerce business.

Electronic Components Manufacturer for the fitness industry in CT

(ESI Electronic Products Corp.) They provide comprehensive, advanced electronic design and manufacturing services. They manufacture printed circuit boards (PCB) and other electronic design and control assemblies for their customer’s needs, including product development. They service customers in industries that include: telecommunications, industrial controls, exercise equipment, industrial testing, and consumer equipment. The owner had a 15,000 sq. ft. building that he will lease to the new owner. The buyer had an engineering and manufacturing background and had funding from Hong Kong sources. The deal was completed in less than 5 months from our marketing program. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your component and parts manufacturing and distribution business. 

Engineering & Survey Business in Orange County, NY

(Zimmerman Engineering) The owner was in his 60’s and was ready to transition into retirement. We introduced several potential buyers, and the business was ultimately sold to another larger Engineering firm in New York City that wanted to develop their Surveying business and to diversify their Engineering offerings. The seller also signed a 4-year employment agreement which allowed him the option to retire earlier than the 4 years if he so desired.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software Company in Morris County, NJ

(Life Systems Software) The owner of this successful software company was ready to retire.  We located many potential buyers, and the best offer came from an experienced software executive.  We negotiated the terms and kept the deal on track through due diligence to close the deal.

Lamp Shade Manufacturing & Distribution Company in Middlesex County, NJ

(New Brunswick Lamp Shade Corporation) The business had been in the family for three generations and over 75 years. All products are manufactured in the US and were sold B2B. Customers are retail stores, distributors, hospitality companies, and interior artisans. The owner was ready to retire and wanted us to find the right buyer for his business. We located several potential buyers and sold the business within 7 months of starting our marketing campaign. The buyer was another manufacturing company whose owner wanted to diversify its products and expand through acquisition. Contact us to sell your lighting products and services business.

Promotional Products & Awards Business

(Phyllis Victor) Business Distributing & Selling promotional products and awards directly to businesses and large country clubs for awards and promotions. The owner was ready to retire. The buyer was looking for a company that had a long track record and seller that was willing to help him transition his relationships. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your promotional products business. 

Printer & Copier Business

(C Point) The seller had purchased this established business 5 years ago and wanted to focus on another internet business that he had. We found a buyer for the company who got along well with the seller, and the seller will stay on after the sale to help out with a transition. The buyer is interested in purchasing other printing businesses, so if you own a printing business and are considering selling; please contact us.

Real Estate Property Management Company in Ulster County, NY

(Teso Realty Corp.) handles the management of residential properties from single-family homes to apartment buildings in the Adirondack area of New York.  Their clients have the option of services ranging from maintenance, rental service only, or a turnkey full management of their property.

Collection Agency for Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Transportation Insurance Subrogation Collections Company was acquired by a private equity group. We received 5 offers and were able to deliver a price that was 5X the owner’s net income. The company’s clients are businesses with multiple vehicles for both passenger and cargo transportation fleet owners. The company identifies insurance collection opportunities in physical damage, loss of use, diminished value claims, and more, resulting in the collection of hundreds of thousands of additional dollars for its clients. Outstanding relationships with carriers result in the fast settlement of claims with robust customer retention rates. Contact us to sell your collections business.

Computer Solutions & VAR

(Triax Computer Services) Company specializing in providing computer solutions including hardware, software, and services to the Education market as well as other industries. The seller wanted to concentrate on running another business, and we sold the company to another IT professional that wanted an additional revenue base and clients to cross-sell with his current offerings. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your VAR business.

Medical & Physical Therapy Business

(Millenium Medical Rehab) A business owned by a Physiatrist Medical Doctor & Acupuncturist. They provided additional Medical therapies and had on staff a Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, and provided Pain Management Services. The business was sold to a Physician that wanted to diversify their income beyond their own medical practice. The seller will help with a transition of the company before they retire. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Physical Therapy Business.

Pasta Sauce National Brand Distributor with Proprietary Recipes

(Jersey Italian Gravy) The owner built up a successful national pasta sauce brand. He was eager to sell quickly because he had another project that he wanted to invest money in and wanted to roll over the proceeds of the sale of this company into his next project. We were able to quickly locate potential buyers and the business was sold in a few months from the time of the seller’s initial contact with us. The seller will stay on to help the company grow and receive a percentage of the sales revenue to allow him to capitalize on the continued success of the business. The buyer was a successful businessman that wanted to diversify beyond his current industry of focus.

Marketing Agency

(The Byne Group) The seller of this award-winning integrated agency was ready to retire after having founded this business 20 years previously. Our marketing campaign attracted many regional and national buyers. The business was sold to an established media-buying company that viewed the acquisition as an opportunity to promote its services to the seller’s clients while strengthening relationships with its clients by offering them a broader range of services. We played a major role in successfully resolving a number of complex legal issues. The buyer did not require any external financing, which helped expedite the closing. To facilitate a seamless transition, the seller agreed to continue to participate in the business on a part-time basis for three years.

Trailer Manufacturing and Distribution Business in Texas

They manufacture trailers for industrial, commercial, and recreational uses with over 40 models. They have a large 127,000 Sq. Ft. Manufacturing Facility with a 45-acre property. They have built up a large distributor network and also distribute other brands. They have over 90 employees. They supply trailers for automobiles, landscaping equipment, horses, cargo, motorcycles, livestock, and more. The business was very profitable but also came with some debt so took some time to find the right buyer.

Interior Design, Renovation, and Construction Company

(KS Renovation) Our client owned a company that does high-end interiors for their wealthy clients. They do interior design, painting, floors, electricalplumbingmillwork, maintenance and repairs, and more.  The owner of the business was interested in retiring and hired us because of our experience in selling interior design and construction businesses. We spoke to many potential buyers, and one buyer we had a relationship with was initially interested in buying a profitable dry cleaner from us, but when he saw this business, he immediately thought of a friend that had a similar business and wanted to invest with him. They quickly made a substantial offer that was accepted and the business sold in less than 3 months from listing to closing. The buyers were well off and did not need any bank financing, which allowed for a fast closing.

Wholesale Distributor of Sanitation & Cleaning Supplies

(EA Morse) We sold a company that Distributes paper, cleaning chemicals, and maintenance equipment throughout New York’s Hudson Valley region.  They had a 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse and 50+ employees. The business owner also owned the real estate and gave the new owner a lease. They have an on-site maintenance equipment repair and parts service center staffed with factory-trained technicians. The company was sold to a larger company in the industry that was based in New Jersey that was growing through acquisition. Acquiring this company allowed them to expand their customer base as well as add valuable employees and profitable repeat accounts. Contact us to sell your cleaning supplies business.

Kitchen & Bath Business

(Ferrari Kitchens & Baths) Established Business that sells and installs Kitchen & Bath fixtures, tiles, etc. The owner wanted to retire. We were able to locate several buyers both within the industry and outside the industry, and the buyer ended up being someone from outside the industry. Contact us to sell your kitchen & bath business.

Environmental Remediation Company

A company that specializes in soil excavation, removal, and replacement; mold inspection and remediation; and oil tank removal and installation. The seller had owned the company for many years and was ready to retire. We located multiple potential buyers and negotiated terms that worked for the buyer and seller. The seller will provide a brief transition.

Home Care Business

(Quality Homemakers, Inc.) The owner had the business for 25 years and has two locations. Due to our experience selling multiple homecare businesses, she hired us to sell her business. We introduced several potential buyers, but the one that gave the best offer was from an individual who like the growth prospects of the company and industry with an aging population. It was also within commuting distance of his home. He didn’t have all of the funds to purchase the business so we introduced our banking contacts who were able to provide the buyer with financing to enable the seller to get paid at the closing with a small amount that would be paid in the future after the seller assists with a transition.

Closet & Storage Design, Manufacturing and Installation Business in Fairfield County, CT

The seller was ready for a change after working in the business for many years. They engaged us to sell their business. We located several potentially interested buyers. The best offer came from an overseas buyer in Europe that wanted to live in the United States with the purchase of a business under the E-2 Visa program.  We negotiated terms that worked for both parties, and the buyer was able to realize their dream of living in the US, and the seller will help them with a transition. Contact us to sell your closet and storage business.

Performing Arts School

The owner sought our assistance after a potential sale with another buyer fell through. While the optimal buyer needed to be someone with interest in the performing arts, he or she would also need a solid business management background. Using a combination of direct marketing campaigns and Internet advertising, we found a buyer with the qualifications required to successfully manage and grow this unique enterprise, as he had extensive experience producing large-scale entertainment events, coupled with strong financial management expertise. Contact us to sell your performing arts or other entertainment business. 

Distributor of Industrial Automation Products

They distributed products nationwide and internationally. In addition, they performed machine shop work for repairs and customization of parts. They distributed thousands of products for hundreds of manufacturers including Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Thompson, Warner, and many more.  Some of the customers include chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing companies. The owner was ready to retire and wanted us to find a buyer familiar with the industry. We had a lot of interest and arranged SBA financing so that the buyer only needed to put down 9% of the purchase price. Contact us to sell your industrial automation company.

CNC Machine Shop for Aluminum & Steel Parts

This company is family-owned and a very profitable niche specialty manufacturer for High Precision, Close Tolerance Parts. The company specializes in CNC milling and turning and operates under ISO 9000 standards. The Facility operates out of a rented space of 6,000 sqft. We were able to find a buyer that worked in the corporate world and had experience in CNC machining. He was able to get bank financing and close on the deal.

Landscaping, Snow Removal & Sprinkler Company in Northern New Jersey

(LSI, Services, Inc.) The business had both commercial and residential customers landscaping maintenance customers. They also provided landscaping installations, sprinkler systems, excavations, paving, and rock and retaining walls. The owner of the business wanted to spend more time with their family. They hired us because of our experience in selling multiple landscaping businesses. We had several potential buyers. The buyer with the best offer had an investment banking background and had already purchased landscaping businesses in the South and wanted a NJ presence. We arranged an introduction to a bank that we have worked with a number of times. They were able to get the financing to provide the seller with the bulk of the purchase price paid at the closing. The seller also owned the building and will receive rent payments from the business owner. He will stay on after the sale and be paid a salary to ensure that everything goes smoothly with the new owner.

Contractor for Utility Services – Underground & Arial

(CDL Utilities, Inc.) is a utility contractor that has been performing underground and aerial installation and maintenance work in NYC, Long Island, and the surrounding area for nearly two decades. The company does projects from new installs to upgrades of existing gas, electric, drainage, water, and telecommunication systems. They do work for federal, state, and local agencies as well as municipalities, companies, universities, and hospitals. They performed conventional and directional boring, trenching, splicing, and pneumatic boring. One of the challenges with this sale was that they had a couple of customers who made up a large part of their revenue. We were able to structure a deal where our client received a large payment at the closing with some of the money paid out over time that was contingent on customers continuing on with them. The business was purchased by a business executive with a Harvard MBA that was well-financed. Contact us to sell your utility contracting business.

Promotional Products, Gifts, Awards & Apparel Business in Maryland

A company that offers online incentive programs for their corporate client’s promotions. They provide warehousing of merchandise for programs, multiple websites, company online stores, and the latest technology for customer service and order processing to ensure a great client experience. Their clients include businesses, law firms, government, and military customers. They are based out of Annapolis, Maryland. We had a number of potential buyers but no one that wanted to offer the full asking price. Then we found a buyer in Maryland that was looking exactly for a company like this. The buyer had recently formed a new company that sells gifts to consumers via their website and they wanted to expand to corporate customers which this acquisition allowed them to quickly do. Contact us to sell your promotional products company.

Adult Foster Care & Healthcare Staffing Business in Norfolk County, MA

The business provided licensed health care professionals such as nurses, home health aides, and therapists, to  Adult Foster Care Homes as well as hospitals, doctor’s offices, and more. The business was purchased for the full asking price by a $1.5B revenue diversified health care company owned by a private equity firm.  The business was sold for a multiple of approximately 5X the annual net cash flow.  The business has 250 clients that they serve with a team of in-house employees as well as some independent contractors. We received a signed offer letter for the full price that was accepted after only one month from the start of marketing the company.

Heating & Cooling (HVAC) Company in the Finger Lakes Region of NY

(Interstate Heating & Cooling) They do about 600 installation jobs per year with both commercial and residential customers in the Finger Lakes Region. They also service and repair HVAC systems. The buyer owns a significant automation and controls company in upstate NY that is looking to purchase additional HVAC companies to expand their reach in NY.  The sellers of the business will stay on for a year after the sale with a salary, commission, and company car. The deal closed in about 4 months from when we began marketing it.

Electronic Components Manufacturer for the Healthcare Industry

(Time Manufacturing) This Company designs and manufactures highly specialized electronic components used by numerous manufacturers for the healthcare industry as well as other specialized uses. One of their niches is manufacturing components for medical equipment – specifically echocardiograms. They are an ISO 9001 certified facility and a Tier One supplier to several major manufacturers that use these components exclusively to manufacture and assemble their finished products. We spoke to some companies in the industry that made offers but the best offer came from an individual that we had a prior relationship with that was looking for this type of company.

Day Care & Preschool Business in New Haven County, CT

(Sunshine Preschool) A business that provides daycare and preschool education. The owner was ready to retire and owned the business and real estate. We sold the company, and the buyer will lease the property with an option to purchase it.

Surgical Medical Practice in the Hudson Valley

(Loomis Plastic Surgery) Surgical Practice was sold to another Surgeon that wanted to expand their practice. We negotiated a price and terms that worked for both parties. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your surgical medical practice or view our healthcare businesses for sale.

Procurement Services & Supply Chain Solutions Company

This company provided services to multinational corporations that wanted to reduce their supply chain costs with procurement solutions. They also provided efficient importing solutions and have relationships with suppliers and industry-specific knowledge within technology, electronics, medical, aerospace, and more. They were able to reduce purchasing costs for their clients. The owner had purchased the business 30 years ago and was ready to retire. We found a buyer that had come out of the corporate world and purchased multiple businesses. He agreed to pay full price for the business and we closed on the sale in less than 6 months from start to finish.

Structural Engineering Company

This company had multiple offices and provides services that include structural design, assessments, inspections, construction administration, surveying, and expert witness testimonies. We had several offers and in most cases, we sell engineering firms to another larger engineering company. But in this case, the buyer was a young engineer in his 30s that had saved up enough money for 10% of the purchase. With our banking contacts, the buyer was able to get SBA financing so that the seller was paid 90% of the purchase price at the closing and was financing 10% to be paid over time.  The seller will stay on after the sale to help the buyer learn the business and provide a transition period.

HVAC Business

Residential & Commercial HVAC company was sold for nearly full price in less than 5 months. We introduced a buyer we had worked with on other HVAC deals. The buyer was prequalified for an SBA loan which allowed the seller to be paid at the closing from the bank.

Coffee Distribution and Roasting Company in Warren County, NJ

(Classic Gourmet Coffee, Inc.) The sellers owned this business for over 30 years when they came to us to sell their company. The challenge was they didn’t have detailed Profit and Loss information which can be a challenge. However, we reached out to other companies in the coffee industry and we were able to get a large coffee company that was growing through acquisition. We negotiated terms that worked for both parties.

Nurse Practitioner Medical House Call Practice

The business provides in-home primary care including physicals, medication management, dementia assessments, wound care, vaccinations, telehealth, medical testing, and more. They are based in Camden County, NJ, and services the counties of Atlantic, Cumberland, Burlington, Gloucester, and Salem. The business was sold to a NY City buyer that had a background with executive positions in healthcare companies. Contact us to sell your nurse practitioner business.

CNC Machine Shop Business in Rochester, NY

A company that manufacturers components for industries such as Technology, Optics, Healthcare, photonics, aerospace, and automation. The owner was ready to retire after 30 years in the business. They have a 22,000 sq. ft. facility.  They do prototyping, production runs, mechanical subassembly, tuning, and more.  We sold the business to an individual buyer with financing in place and experience working for a large metal fabricator in the area.

Interior Design and Fabrics business

(By the Yard) Westchester Based business that provided in-home consultations for interior design and provided installation and service. We found a buyer that had experience in the industry.

Civil Engineering & Land Surveyor Business in Western Massachusetts

(Sherman & Frydryk) The seller was in his mid-50s and was hoping to retire by age 60 after selling the business and working for a few years under an employment agreement. We had some interest from buyers within the industry and outside the industry.   The best offer came from an engineering firm that is located in Eastern Massachusetts. One of the partners from the buyer’s company was commuting 1.5 hours each way from Western Mass. Acquiring this company shortened his commute to 15-20 minutes and they acquired additional customers and employees which allowed them to grow profitably. The seller got along well with the buyer and agreed to sign a 3-year employment agreement that would allow him to transition into retirement.

HVAC Company – Commercial & Residential

Established profitable HVAC Company in business for many years. The owner was interested in retiring. In addition, to HVAC they also install, sell and service pool heaters. The buyer was from the oil and gas industry and the seller has signed an agreement to stay on with the company for a year at a good salary plus benefits to help transition the business to the new buyer.

Construction Inspection & Testing Company

Prominent Construction Testing and Inspection Firm. The Company provides inspection services to the commercial and residential construction market. Their clients are the building owners, but most interaction is between contractors, architects, engineers, and the Company. Clients retain the firm to test all aspects of the building structure as it is being commissioned and built.  This company is one of the few that offers 3 types of inspections:  1. Materials: Concrete and masonry field & lab, for rebar, footings, fireproofing, soils, and structural steel. 2. Non-Destructive: Radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and liquid dye penetrant. 3. Special Inspections meet specific state as well as national standards.  The business was sold to an engineering firm that wanted to broaden the services that they can offer to their clients. industry.

Entertainment Complex

(Bounce) The business provides fun for kids, teens, and the whole family. They have trampolines, climbing, basketball, dodgeball, foam pits, ninja course, and more. They have business from parties and special events as well as walk-ins.  We were able to find a buyer that was willing to invest in the business to provide some needed updates.

Expense Reduction Consulting Business

Consultancy specializing in refunds, credits, and expense reduction. This 30-year-old Long Island-based business has high recurring revenue from a happy customer base! The firm’s contingency-based fee model is well-received by Fortune 500 and NYSE clients in essential industries ranging from supermarkets, manufacturing, life sciences, biotech, and countless others. Ownership and management’s expertise in utility refunds, expense analysis, tax incentives, research and development, energy efficiency, real estate, hiring, and more, provide a constant stream of marketing opportunities underscoring scalability. If you would like to sell your cost reduction consulting business please contact us for a confidential consultation.

IT Consulting Company

(Medullus) The business provides specialized IT Services for a variety of different applications, including 1. Cash Management applications to improve the use of cash for corporate customers. 2. IT Services to improve the workflow of Buying Groups and Co-Ops. 3. Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR). 4. Testing Automation. 5. Digital Process Automation. The owner was ready to retire. As with all of our IT assignments, there were plenty of interested buyers. It took some time to narrow the potential buyers down and work with the ones that were most interested and qualified.

Pet Supply Business – Ecommerce, Distribution & Retail

This niche business provides pet supplies via e-commerce and out of retail and warehouse. They sell pet food, pet supplies, pet toys, pet accessories, and pet clothing.
-They sell organic pet food – major brands and its own proprietary brand that it has developed and is contract manufactured. The buyer was able to get bank financing from a local bank.

Museum with Specialty Items in NYC

(KGB Espionage Museum) This Niche Museum opened in NYC in 2019. When Covid-19 shut down Museums for an extended time period, they turned to us to sell it. We were able to locate potential buyers quickly and closed a deal in less than 3 months. There were many potential buyers, but the best offer came from a buyer who paid a down payment at the closing and then was going to sell the artifacts at an auction. They have celebrity clients such as Elon Musk who attend their auctions and pay top dollar for the right items. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Museum. 

Homecare business

The seller originally came to us and wanted much more than the market value for his business, so we advised him that we would be unable to achieve his goals. Unfortunately, the business declined and he reached out to us again. We priced the business aggressively and were able to sell the business within 5 months of listing.

Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration Business

(Thermal Air, Inc.) They sell, install, and maintain commercial HVAC & Refrigeration Systems. The business was sold to a facilities services company (Tech Services, Inc. of NJ) that in addition to HVAC services also offers electrical services, security services, plumbing, and construction. They have a strategy to grow through acquisitions.

Digital Production Company in Brooklyn, NY

They provided a number of digital services including digital reproduction, digital backup, video transfer, networking services, and more. The owner purchased the business a few years ago and wanted to relocate out of the country. We were able to get several offers and the business sold for close to the full price with the seller providing some financing to the buyer.

Security Company

(ASE Group) has been providing high-tech security solutions for over 20 years. They provide security systems serving the residential, commercial, and financial markets. Their security services are used from access to video surveillance. And they provide standard and highly sophisticated custom installations.


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