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Geotechnical Engineering Business – Environmental Services & Building Inspections

This company headquartered in the Western US, provides a wide range of services including initial investigation, taking field soil samples, laboratory testing, seismic analysis, engineering analysis, and designs for foundations, streets sections, and other structural components. They provide geotechnical, environmental, inspection and materials testing services to residential, commercial, and public clients.  Long-term projects include the development of 50 subdivisions, 2 active retirement communities, and extensive work with elementary and middle schools, auto dealers, and churches. We found a buyer that was a private equity-backed engineering, environmental services, and architectural firm that had acquired a number of engineering firms which the seller was familiar with. The ability to ask the owners of these firms how they were treated post-sale gave the seller comfort in moving forward with the deal. They agreed to stay on after the sale to help with a transition for the clients and employees.

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