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Unique Health Care Opportunity – Wellness and Medical Center with Proven Business model

Price: $16,000,000

Annual Revenue: $7,620,000

Net Cash Flow: $3,810,000

Industry: Health Care

Location: Fairfax County, Virginia

Combined 2021 Revenue: $7.6 Million (44.5% growth over 2021)   

Combined Sellers Discretionary: $3.8 Million (72.2% growth over 2021)

Intrinsic services combine a sought-after and unique Business Model in Health Care

Geographic Considerations. The Medical Center is based in New Jersey, and the Wellness Center is based in Northern Virginia and services the entire Northern Virginia area extending to PA to the north,  WV to the west, and NC to the south. Together, the combined entity would cover a significant portion of the mid-Atlantic and eastern regions.

The treatment areas between the two practices have significant overlaps and synergies. Both focus on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy as the leading modalities for the brands. Its Wellness Center has just added GAINSWave therapy that it copied from its sister company in NJ. Both offer extensive peptide therapy for numerous medical conditions. Its Wellness center goes deeper into chronic illness modalities like Lyme disease and Mold toxicity. The Medical Center has more procedure revenue from Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and cosmetic aesthetic services.  Revenues could be significantly increased in the new combined entity by expanding the respective practices to incorporate the modalities that are only currently offered at one or the other.

Same business models. Both generate significant revenue from automated recurring/installment-based treatment programs. Both use similarly priced initial visits and incorporate services into treatment plans that patients pay for through recurring installments. This makes revenue more predictable and increases loyalty to the practice. Both are premium brands in their respective markets.

Same EHR and Practice Management Software. Both of the practices use medical fusion EHR and  Practice Management. The Consolidation of both companies can be easily accomplished, reducing operating expenses even further.

Consistent ideology & leadership are shared business practices. Both practices have heavily utilized consulting services from the CEO of medical fusion, entrepreneur, and consultant intimately familiar with the cash-based medical economic models. As a result, very similar philosophies around modalities, profitability, and revenue models have been utilized across the practices.

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