Software Company with Products for Secured Remote File Hosting access

Price: $500,000

Annual Revenue: $309,080

Net Cash Flow: $112,250

Industry: Technology, Software

Location: Ontario, Canada

Company is ready to be taken to the next level. Millions have been spent perfecting this remote secured access tool. 

Originally targeted to service the Education sector. With a minimal marketing effort ROI can be obtained in 2 years or less. This intellectual property can be marketed to any business sector. Past marketing efforts were nonexistent, and yet word of mouth resulted in sales volume.

Company develops and markets on-premises secure remote file access software that provides their clients users with internet access to their documents, no matter their location or the device they are using. The users can remotely access important files, and folders, whether they’re at home, on the road, or on-site with a customer. 

Users accessing their documents can perform all the standard functions; create new folders, rename files and folders, delete files and folders and copy move files and folders. They can upload and download documents from and to the device they are using (mobile or desktop). 

Users can view the content of documents online using it’s rendering engine. Through secure time-expiry links, user can send and receive documents and share folders with others for collaboration. 

Users can also edit documents online from remote locations as if they are on their desktop computer.

Facilities:Company is remote, no space leased.

Competition:This company captures what it’s large competitors miss.

Growth & Expansion:The opportunity thru a developed marking program can easily grow this company into the multimillion dollar sales range very quickly. Basic online marketing will also bring in another revenue stream. The owner is an IT expert, created this company with cutting edge technology, and made it extremely user friendly. This type of opportunity is few and far between.

Financing:Seller will consider financingSupport & Training:Owner will stay on for a transitionary period or longer if needed before he retires.