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Pioneer in Individualized Education Services

Price: $1,300,000

Annual Revenue: $863,193

Net Cash Flow: $325,352

Industry: Services

Location: Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

This center’s goal is to prepare students today for success tomorrow through direct, intensive, research-based methods to ensure significant gains in reading, writing, math, attention, processing, working memory, and more. The staff works closely with parents, collaborates with schools, and leverage the most effective available strategies in each student’s education plan, all while aiming to identify the underlying causes of learning difficulties and create changes that positively impact each individual’s learning.

Key Strengths 

Proprietary curriculum 

Highly trained administration and staff 

Committed to best practices 

Thousands of success stories and changed lives 

➢ An active member of the education and business community 

Distinctly equipped to meet the needs of any learner 

Relationships with independent speech, language, and hearing experts

This business’s services are distinct, as the Company meets the needs of students with special education, regular education, and gifted education needs, unlike other providers that only deal with one population. Using a unique proprietary curriculum and processes brings the business to the forefront in educational support. Highly trained administrative and management as well as teachers and school psychologists will help the new owner successfully manage the transition after the sale. With documentation manuals and processes for marketing, sales, employee, outreach, testing, curriculum development, business, and retention of current clients in place, a roadmap for the new owners’ success and continued growth is assured.

Sales revenues and profits have consistently increased in recent years. January showed a 26% increase in sales over last year. Simultaneously, costs and operating expenses have either decreased or increased at the rate consistent with the revenue increases.

This company employs approximately 24 professional and support staff including:

• Special education teachers
• Certified teachers
• Instructional assistants
• School psychologists
• Administrative support teachers
• Director of after school services
• Coordinator of evaluation services
• Director of marketing and outreach
• Outreach assistant
• Special education coordinator
• Home school coordinator
• Coordinator of related services (speech/language and occupational therapy)

Listing Details

Reason For Sale:

The Company’s current owners and founders wish to retire and are amenable to staying on under new ownership during the transitional phase.


Employees: 24


Facilities Information:

This lease is covered by a flexible transferable lease with multiple options with a limited increase in rent. Rent is fully inclusive of utilities, repairs, common area maintenance, water and trash, security, fire and smoke, and parking, allowing for a reasonable rent and the ability to plan budget easily. There are no foreseen threats of geographic or demographic changes that could threaten the long-term viability of the business location. These students all are issued Google Chrome Books or Windows 10 laptops if they attend over 10 hours per week. Teachers that work over 30 hours per week have Windows 10 laptops. Staff generally have Windows 10 desktop computers.


Potential Growth:

 Expansion: Due to the company’s unique and highly sought offerings, the staff has built loyal, long-term relationships with families, who are happy to provide testimonials as well as referrals. Most new clients come through referrals from friends, neighbors, and families. They offer free annual retesting, which encourages these long-term relationships to continue.

Further Potential Growth Opportunities:

Contract with cyber schools for both in students’ homes and at the center in Wexford.  There is the capacity to both help students at the center in Wexford as well as sending tutors to student’s homes. 

There is a growing need for educational support as remote learning is not ideal for many students. 

Increasing online presence through social media would bring a boost to new clients.

Geographic expansion into other nearby areas, particularly rural areas.

Create relationships with private schools.

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