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HVAC Design And Installation Business for sale

Price: $405,000

Annual Revenue: $3,900,234

Industry: Construction

Location: Brooklyn, New York

The company is a New York City-based full service HVAC installation company. It has been in service for 34 years (1986), proudly serving its clientele. The clientele is comprised of commercial businesses, municipalities, industrial companies, schools, hospitals and similar large institutions in the New York area.

The services rendered can be turn-key: from beginning design to end-point installation. Services rendered can also be ad-hoc: in any stage of designing, building or installation. Within the broad scope of services provided, the company specializes in: HVAC installation, Mechanical piping, Water Systems and Refrigeration piping.

In doing so, clients are given complete customizability to meet their system needs; they are able to select desired product and material brands to fit any project.

The company is also specialized in Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology invented by Daikin Industries. It is highly sought after by clients due to it ductless minisplits and that it consists of only a single outdoor condensing unit that circulates within the building to multiple indoor units.

Listing Details

EBITDA: $35,707

FFE: $221,000 (Included in Price)

Inventory: $105,000

Reason For Sale:

The owner is moving closer towards retirement.


Year Established: 1986

Employees: 19


Lease Option: 5/31/2022 Lease End.

Monthly Rent: 12000

Square Footage: 15000

Facilities Information:

The facility offers a large workshop area for production and materials design with a separate storage room for excess supplies. The office space is connected to the workshop and has a meeting area. A loading dock is also connected to the workshop to load and unload daily materials.



The owner has strong relationships with large institutional clients (hospitals, commercial businesses and municipalities) that will continue forward. The balance of recurring business and new clients presents very low risk to new operators.

Potential Growth:

Ownership has a steady flow of ongoing projects, in addition to a deeper pipeline of future jobs. As such, the business has remained strong throughout COVID.

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