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How Do I Sell a Consulting Business?

If you are considering selling your consulting company, finding the right buyer can be a challenge. Before finding someone to buy your consulting business, you should find out what your consulting firm is worth. The good news is that Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling consulting companies and can provide you with a free, confidential consultation.  We can walk you through the steps of getting the most value for the sale of your consulting company.

We have sold Management Consulting Businesses, Marketing Consulting Businesses, IT Consulting Businesses, Engineering Consulting Businesses, Educational Consulting Businesses, and many more.  We focus on selling businesses with annual revenues of $700,000 to $30Million.

What steps do I take to sell my consulting company? 

Woman consulting business group.What is the best procedure to sell your consulting business? It is a multi-step process. First, we find out some general information such as who your customers are, what is your area of expertise, and what are the skills of your employees. Then, we will review your financial information to determine what your overall company worth is.

Next, we can provide you with a recommendation on a potential asking price for your consulting business. We'll take into account the unique aspects of your business as well as what other similar consulting companies have sold for. If you decide to move forward, we would have you sign our Listing Agreement.  Before signing, we'll let you know if this is something we feel comfortable selling. We only get a fee if we sell your consulting firm, so we want to make sure we are on the same page in terms of the valuation of your consulting business.

Once we have the listing agreement in place, we will write up a summary about your business that provides enough information to get buyers interested but not so much that it gives the identity of your business away. We will use this write up to market your business in several ways. We will advertise your business on many companies for sale websites, some of which have over 10 Million page views monthly.  We will also contact the potential buyer database that we have cultivated for over 15 years.

Also, we will reach out to other consulting firms both in your industry as well as other sectors. Our Merger & Aquisition experience will not only allow us to sell your business but potentially merge it with another,

Potential Buyers for your Consulting Firm

Depending on the size and type of your consulting business, the best buyer could be one of several possibilities: Another Consulting firm, a wealthy entrepreneur, a private equity group, or another company that wants to add your consulting services to their repertoire of offerings. The ideal buyer is someone that can leverage what you have to take it to the next level.

In most cases, you would stay on after the sale to help make sure there is a smooth transition with the employees, customers, and business processes. In addition to getting the best price you also want to make sure that the buyer is someone that you feel comfortable working with. We would screen the buyers before introducing them to you.  If your business has annual revenues of $700,000 to $30Million, Synergy Business Brokers has many potential buyers that would be interested in the sale of your consulting firm.

We have top Business Brokers in NJ, NY, CT, and MA that can meet with you for a free consultation to determine whether now is the right time for you to sell your consulting company.  We sell consulting businesses throughout the US. You can email Synergy Business brokers at [email protected], call us at 888-750-5950 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch to set up your private consultation.

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