How Do I Sell My Healthcare Business?

There’s always a need for quality health care, so there are always buyers looking for good healthcare businesses. That’s good news for a seller, but if you are trying to sell a healthcare business, there are also challenges you may face. You are probably already thinking about issues like, “How can I sell my healthcare business fast?”, “How do I know how to price my healthcare business?”, “What do I need to know before I sell my healthcare business?” and so on.

Fortunately, Synergy Business Brokers has a lot of experience selling Healthcare businesses. We focus on selling healthcare businesses with annual revenues of $1 Million to $50 Million.  For Healthcare businesses, this size, we have a number of potential buyers for a variety of businesses including Homecare, Physical Therapy, Medical Practices,  Pharmaceutical Companies, Healthcare Insurance Agencies,  Healthcare technology, Healthcare Equipment Distributors, Healthcare Manufacturers, Healthcare Consulting firms, Healthcare Services and Facilities, Healthcare transportation, and more.

The truth is, all it takes is a knowledgeable, methodical approach and you can get the best price for your healthcare business. Here’s how to start:

1. Valuation sell healthcare business

A healthcare business, possibly more than any other business, has value beyond the mere numbers. The ability to provide quality healthcare is extremely valuable and can have long-term benefits beyond your current assets vs. your liabilities. To get the most value for your healthcare business, the best bet is usually to get a professional valuation so you can show potential buyers just what they’re getting with your business and why they should leap at the opportunity.

2. Accounting

It’s important to have your books in order when selling a healthcare business. With all of the complex vagaries of health insurance and different types of patients with different plans, it’s very important that potential buyers see that everything is above board and there are no confusing elements about the way the business is run that they should be concerned about.

3. Brokerage

If you haven’t considered it yet, it’s time to start thinking about bringing in a business broker to maximize the value you get for your healthcare business. If you haven’t worked with a business broker before, you may be impressed with just how much easier they can make the process.

A good business broker can provide you with a potential selling price, can offer tips on how to make your business more appealing to buyers and, possibly most importantly, has access to multiple healthcare buyers who can drive up the selling price of your business. If you do hire a business broker, it’s very important that you hire one with experience in the healthcare field.

Why Do I Need Health Care Business Brokers to Sell My Healthcare Business?

Healthcare is a very specific and sometimes complex business. Is your healthcare business one that works with only Medicare and Medicaid services? With private patients? Both? What about behavioral health or hospice care? A general business broker may not recognize these distinctions and what they mean for the sale of your business.

A healthcare business broker like Synergy Business Brokers will. We help business owners sell many different kinds of businesses, and we have specialized personnel with particular experience in the healthcare industry. For healthcare businesses with annual revenues between $1,000,000 and $50 million dollars on the East Coast and beyond, Synergy Business Brokers is the obvious choice.

If the idea of getting the best possible value for your healthcare business with an experienced business broker appeals to you, just fill out our simple contact form, email us at or give us a call at 914-738-9350 today. We’ll set up a private consultation to figure out the best way to sell your healthcare business fast.

To view our current Healthcare businesses for sale please visit: Health Care Companies for sale.

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