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Sell an Electronics Business

Are you interested in selling an electronics business? If so you probably have a lot of questions such as who has experience selling electronics businesses. How much can I get for my electronics business, and who are the potential buyers.  First, it depends on what type of electronics business you have. Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling different types of electronics businesses.

sell an electronics businessYou may be interested in selling a niche electronics manufacturing and distribution company. Or perhaps you would like to sell a high tech electronics company that produces computer components, PCB boards, wireless devices, security products, or other electronics products. We have experience selling all of these types of electronics companies.

The first step would be to understand more about your company including your employees, customers, products, competitors, and more. Next, we'll review your financial information and provide you with a potential selling price for your electronics company.

Confidential Business Sales

If you would like to proceed we will create an overview document about your company that is designed to maintain the confidentiality of the sale of your business. Once a qualified potential buyer signs a confidentiality agreement we will provide them with the details.

Its a labor intensive process because we need to speak with a number of potential buyers before we get someone that is really serious about acquiring your electronics business. It generally takes 6 to 10 months to sell your electronics company. We don't charge a fee until the business is sold. We are selective in taking on assignments that we think we will be successful in.

Free Consultation

For a confidential consultation to see if your company is something we can help you with please fill out our Seller Registration Form. We sell companies that have annual net incomes (including owner's salary and benefits) of $200,000 to $5 Million.

The electronics business has changed rapidly and some businesses are thriving and some are struggling. The typical business we sell is a successful business where the owner is retiring and would like us to find the right buyer.

For more information, you can read some of our Seller Articles or go to our Selling Tutorial.  We have found that the best approach is to collaborate with our clients because they know more about their business than anyone and we are experts in the process of selling a business and finding the right buyers.

If you have questions for us please call 888-750-5950  or email us at [email protected].

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