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Synergy Business Brokers is well-known as a premier merger and acquisitions company. But what exactly does this mean? What do mergers and acquisitions brokers do? Why are they important in the selling process? Here’s what you need to know about M&A brokers and how they can help you.

Benefits of Mergers & Acquisitions Brokers

You’ve built up your business valuation high enough that you’re ready to sell. You might have even gotten a professional business evaluation. The sale of your business is the next step. But how? Where do you sell your business and who do you sell it to? This is where the mergers and acquisitions broker comes in.

The term "mergers and acquisitions" refers to the variety of ways you can transfer ownership of your business. In a merger, your company combines with another company to become a new entity. This new company may retain the name of the bigger company, which simply absorbs the old one, or it may take on a name that combines the names of the prior two companies. The new company may even adopt a brand-new name.

In an acquisition, that bigger company simply buys your company. Your company entity ceases to exist and all of its assets become a part of the buying company. These important assets typically include your employees, customers, reputation, know-how, and hard assets such as equipment, fixtures, inventory, etc.

Whichever type of situation you are in, you want to be sure you are properly compensated for allowing another company to take control of some or all of the business assets you have worked so hard to build. A Mergers and Acquisitions brokerage company is the entity that makes sure this happens.

Just because you have gotten a business valuation that says that your company is worth a certain amount does not mean that it will be a simple process for you to get what you think the business is worth.  It’s important to remember that it is individuals such as CEOs who drive mergers and acquisitions, and their appraisal of your company’s value is specific to what it can do for their company.

A good mergers and acquisitions broker has a network of companies in your industry to draw on, knows the market and knows who to approach and how to approach them in order to get you the deal you want for your business.

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