How to Sell Your Company

If you have owned your company for a long time and are thinking of retiring, you may have a lot of questions such as: What is the best way to sell my company? How do I put a value on my company? Is there an award-winning business broker that has a track record of success that I will feel comfortable with?

Synergy Business Brokers offers a confidential consultation to answer your questions and make the process more comfortable for you. Any change in life takes an adjustment and this is certainly one of those times. It helps to have a company like Synergy Business Brokers that can guide you through the process.

Whether your business will sell for $500,000 or $30 Million+ we have a database of over 24,000 potential buyers interested in companies in the following industries: technology, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, distribution, services, education, transportation, and more.

Comprehensive MarketingSell your Company

In addition to this we provide you with a comprehensive marketing program that uses Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Bizbuysell,, and many other sites. We don't advertise the name of your company and protect your confidentiality by requiring potential buyers to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and provide us with information to make sure that they are qualified to purchase your business. We also utilize artificial intelligence, email marketing, and social media to get multiple buyers.

This allows you to get the best price for your company. We have Senior Experienced Advisors in NY, CT, NJ, and MA and our buyers come from throughout the United States as well as overseas. There is no fee for our services until your Company is Sold.

Confidential Consultation

If you would like a confidential consultation please click on the button below for a very brief seller registration form. We'll contact you in confidence and discuss how we can be of assistance.


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Who is the right buyer for your Company?

The advantage of having a Broker that has a wide reach is that we work with many different types of buyers. We find that its best to keep an open mind because sometimes the best offer comes from another company in your industry and sometimes it comes from a company outside your industry or a private investor.

Our job is to speak with as many potential buyers as possible so that we can narrow this down to the ones that are most qualified and most likely to give you a solid offer. Having multiple offers is always our goal and this provides you with the most leverage to negotiate the best terms. It also gives you an opportunity to get a buyer that you are comfortable with. One that will look after your employees and customers and provide the same level of service and commitment as they are accustomed to.  We will also work with the buyer to provide them with financing options.

We can help you evaluate the offers and provide you recommendations but at the end of the day it’s your company and only you get to decide who you will sell your company to. Typically you will be providing a transition so you want to make sure that it’s someone that you can get along with.

Sold Companies & Testimonials

You can see some of the companies that we have sold at Sold Companies and you can read and listen to some of our testimonials at Testimonials.  We look forward to speaking with you and finding out more about your unique company and how we can position it best to attract the right type of buyers. We take a collaborative approach in working with you because you know more about your company and we know more about the process of selling a company so working together we get the best results.

Please email us at or call us at (888) 750-5950 to get started.

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