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Synergy Business Broker's can sell your Pennsylvania business. With connections throughout the east coast, we can help you directly. We have a free consultation and do not charge an upfront cost. We sell businesses with annual revenues of $600,000 to $30 Million in industries such as technology, distribution, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, professional services, education, and more. Register your business for a consultation.


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At Synergy Business Brokers, we understand how much you love your PA business. Selling a business in Pennsylvania is not a decision to be taken lightly, and when you finally make the decision, you want to make sure you get everything your business is worth. At the same time, you probably have a timetable in mind for selling your company.

For these reasons and more, we highly recommend you consider hiring the right business broker to sell your business in PA. Businesses owners who work with Synergy Business Brokers can sell their businesses faster and for more money than business owners who try to sell their businesses on their own.

How the Right Business Broker Can Help You

You built a successful business by focusing on your area of expertise. Now it’s time to take advantage of ours. We have spent years assembling a network of motivated investors and buyers and recruiting the most experienced and talented business sales staff possible so your PA business can benefit today.

Synergy Business Brokers has sold businesses all across the Northeast and we know what East Coast business buyers are looking for. If you’re selling a Philadelphia business, you want a Philadelphia area business broker who knows the area and what the most valuable features of your business are to potential buyers looking to purchase a business in the Philadelphia area. If your business is located in Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Philadelphia or any part of PA contact us to find out how we can help.

Our business brokers combine our years of knowledge and our international network of investors with local knowledge to help you get the best value and the most efficient sale for your business.

Why Synergy Business Brokers Is the Only Business Broker You Need to sell a business in PA

If you’re going to partner with a broker to sell your business, why not partner with one that has over 15 years of experience selling businesses with annual revenues of $600,000 to $30 million? We don’t just connect you with motivated buyers to drive up the sale price of your business — we also advise you on the best ways to position your business, help you set an asking price that is consistent with the needs of the market and smoothen the selling process so you enjoy as comfortable and convenient a sale as possible.

In addition, you’ll benefit from extreme confidentiality while arranging your sale. It can be difficult to keep a business sale under wraps, but it can be very important to do so in order to keep your business running smoothly until a sale is finalized. We manage your sale with ultimate discretion, including carefully vetting buyers before disclosing any major details about your business and requiring NDAs of those we do share information with.

Get Started With Synergy Business Brokers Now by Registering Your PA Business

If the idea of selling your PA business quickly, easily and at a great price appeals to you, why don’t you get in touch? It’s easy to get started. Just fill out our simple form online to register with us to sell your business and we’ll get underway.

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