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You’ve worked hard for years to build your business in New York and now it’s time to move into retirement. How can you sell your business most efficiently and at the best price? More and more business owners are realizing that the best approach is to hire a professional business broker. We sell businesses with annual revenues of $600,000 to $40 Million in industries such as technologydistributionconstructionmanufacturinghealthcareservicesHVACengineering, education, and transportation.

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We have a team of individuals who can sell your New York business. We provide a free confidential consultation to businesses that fill out our seller registration form. There is no upfront cost, which shows that selling your business is our first priority.

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Benefits of a New York Merger and Acquisitions Company

Whether you’re looking to sell a construction business in NY, you have a New York medical business for sale, you’re looking to sell a New York manufacturing business or you have any other New York-based business you are looking to move on from, having the right mergers and acquisitions company in your corner is critical.

Synergy Business Brokers is a mergers and acquisitions company that sells businesses with annual revenues of $600,000 to $30Million. We have experienced brokers located in Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Westchester, the Hudson Valley, and upstate New York. In addition, we have Brokers throughout the Northeast including New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

The advantages of having Brokers in many different areas is that we have a number of companies that want a New York location and what better way to establish one than by acquiring a New York-based company. In fact, we even have Overseas potential buyers that want to acquire a New York-based company.

Whether your business is in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Upstate NY, or the Tri-State Area, we have qualified potential buyers. NY is a large state.  An Albany business broker, a Buffalo business broker and a Manhattan business broker might as well be from three different states.  We can bring the right potential buyers to you, no matter where your company is located in New York.

The reason why having the right business broker is so important is that more goes into the sale of a business than just numbers. Even if a business has a certain value on paper, there are other factors beyond the numbers that affect value.

With a top broker in NY like Synergy Business Brokers, you’ll have a trained professional in your corner who can assess how your business fits into the New York landscape and who knows exactly which buyers to target to get you a good deal, quickly.

Buying a Business in New York

If you are interested in buying a business in New York we have a number of New York Businesses for sale. We focus on selling businesses in technology, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, construction, services, transportation, and more. Please view our list of Businesses for sale in NY at: NY Companies for sale. You can sort the NY businesses by industry, annual revenue, price, etc. Then you can fill out our NDA for a Business that is of interest and a Broker will contact you.

Synergy Business Brokers for Your Business Broker in NYC

One of the hottest places to buy and sell businesses in New York is in New York City, which is where a New York City business broker from Synergy Business Brokers really thrives. The business world in New York City moves incredibly fast and you need a business broker fast enough to keep up with it.

Attitudes, trends, and opportunities can change quickly when selling a business in Manhattan, and our New York City experts can help you keep up. The buyer that is looking for a NYC IT service business may be different from the buyer that is looking for an IT business in Westchester, and we have brokers that can maximize your benefit depending on the details.

Synergy Business Brokers for Selling a Business on Long Island, NY

Some have the mistaken impression that Long Island is nothing more than a residential community from which people commute to New York City. While for some this may be true, Long Island, in fact, has a thriving business community that includes areas like engineering, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution. And Long Island has a thriving and crucial technology sector all its own.

Long Island consists of dozens of cities, towns and smaller communities with thousands of people in each, from Babylon to Garden City to Levittown to Massapequa and many, many more. These areas can vary widely with regard to economic strength, residential vs. commercial character and general opportunity, and we have potential buyers that are looking for businesses throughout Long Island.

From the North Shore to the South Shore, from Nassau to Suffolk, our business brokers on Long Island, NY, will know exactly how to position your business and provide a targeted strategy designed to maximize your value.

Synergy Business Brokers for Selling a Business Throughout New York

For some, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole state north of New York City and Long Island, but not for us. We can help you find a great deal on selling a business in Albany or Rochester just as easily as selling a business in Queens. Let us know where your business is located in New York and we’ll put you in touch with an expert from Synergy Business Brokers who can help you.

Also, remember that it’s very important for your broker to know the type of business you’re in. Fortunately, our brokers have been selling businesses for years and are well-versed in the markets for a wide variety of businesses, whether you’re trying to sell a NY distribution business, sell an engineering business in NY, sell an HVAC business in New York or you have a New York healthcare business for sale. If you are trying to sell a NY landscaping business, a NY software business or a technology business in NY, know that Synergy Business Brokers has you covered.

Check out our contact page right now for a list of our Senior Brokers in a variety of areas in New York or contact one of NY Business Brokers below:


Moses Shmueli (917) 568-5010 View: Moses' Listings
Raj Sheth (516) 749-1756 View: Raj's Listings
Mike Farruggia (845) 222-2240 View: Mike's Listings
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Or you can fill out our seller registration with a little information about your business and your situation and we’ll be right in touch to schedule a confidential consultation where we can talk about your goals and strategies when it comes to selling your business.

If you have any other questions about our process, our range of business knowledge or our local NY brokers, please feel free to give us a call at 914-738-9350. We look forward to helping you see all the hard work you have put into your New York business pay off!

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