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Award Winning Business Brokers in Texas

Sell Your Texas Business

Texas M&A Business BrokersSynergy Business Brokers can sell your Texas business in the following industries: construction, distribution, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, services, engineering, education, and transportation. We offer a free consultation and do not charge a fee until your business is sold. We sell businesses in Texas with an owner's net income of $250,000 to $6 Million.

We have experience selling Texas Companies and have potential buyers interested in purchasing additional profitable companies in Texas.  They are interested in buying businesses in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, and throughout Texas.  We focus on selling businesses in TX and throughout the US in the industries that we serve.  During our confidential consultation, we'll find out more about your business and let you know if it's something we think we can help you with.  The next step would be to review your financial information and provide you with a potential selling price.

Confidential Business Sales in Texas

Confidentiality is essential to all of our clients.  You don't want your customers, employees, and competitors don't know that your business is for sale. When we market your business, we'll do so in such a way as to preserve confidentiality during the process. We won't advertise the name of your business. We'll make sure that potential buyers sign confidentiality agreements and provide information on their qualifications before releasing the identity and the details of your business.

The desirability of Texas Companies

Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the US. Many wealthy investors from NY, NJ, MA, PA, and CT want to buy businesses in Texas due to its growth in population, warmer climate, lower labor costs, educated workers, and lower costs of living. If you own a profitable business in North Texas, South Texas, Western Texas, Central Texas, or East Texas, we would have potential buyers.

Offers for your Business

When we have qualified buyers, we'll typically set up a phone call and/or meet with you and the potential buyer. It's an excellent opportunity to see if there is a fit in terms of both parties' expectations. Once the questions are answered, the next step would be for the buyers to make an offer. Our goal is always to get multiple offers, which will give us the most leverage to get you the best price.

We'll negotiate the offers and explain the advantages and disadvantages. It's not only about the price. You'll need to consider the structure of the deals and the length of time that they want you to stay with the business after the sale to help with a transition. It's important to many of our clients that they have a buyer that they feel good about leaving their business to, one that will treat their employees and customers right and continue with your good legacy.

Contact us to sell your Texas Business

Top Texas Business Broker to sell your companyIf you would like to have an initial confidential conversation, please call our Senior M&A Broker in Texas, Dewey Vaughn, at (214) 871-3330. Or fill out our simple form online to contact us to sell your business or email us at [email protected]. We'll discuss your goals. Such as, are you interested in sell your business quickly, or you want the highest price, whether it takes a while or not. Of course, our goal is to sell quickly at the highest price, but some clients are more time-sensitive than others.  Our experienced Texas Business Broker will work with you to discuss your options for the sale's structure and a possible asking price.

Buying a Business in Texas

To buy a business in Texas, please visit TX Companies for sale. If you are interested in one of the businesses, please fill out the Non-Disclosure Agreement on the listing of interest and provide us your qualifications. A Business Broker will follow up with you.

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