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Synergy Business Brokers is a leading Mergers & Acquisitions firm focused on selling companies with annual revenues of $600,000 to $30Million. If you are considering selling your business, we offer a confidential consultation to learn more about your business and provide you with a recommended asking price.

Our comprehensive marketing plan will maximize your selling price while maintaining your confidentiality. Our experts will provide you with advisory services throughout the process and there is no fee until your business is sold.

We have a database of over 24,000 potential buyers and relationships with buyers from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and throughout the United States, as well as overseas. Synergy Business Brokers has won multiple awards for best business brokerage firm in the Region.

Most of the businesses that we represent have a verifiable owner's annual net income (including profit, owner's salary, and benefits) of between $200,000 and $4Million. We have experience selling companies in the following industries: technology, manufacturing, healthcare, distribution, home improvement, engineering, professional services, construction, software, consulting, education, environmental services, importing, insurance, landscaping, security, HVAC, e commerce, publishing, and more.

Take the first step toward benefiting from our expertise by contacting us today for a confidential consultation.

If you are considering selling your business please fill out the contact form or contact us at (914) 738-9350 or for a confidential consultation.

We sell businesses with annual revenues between $600,000 and $30Million. Synergy Business Brokers can help sell a business, buy a business, execute mergers & acquisitions, and value a business.

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