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Top Business Brokers for Ohio

Ohio Business BrokersSell Your Business in Ohio

If you have built up a successful business in Ohio, you may be thinking about retirement. If you don't have a family member to take over the business, you probably have many questions about how a Business Broker can help you sell your Ohio-based business. Questions such as:

  • How long does it take to sell an Ohio Company?
  • What Business Broker can help me to maximize the price for my company?
  • Who would be the best potential buyers for my business?

Synergy Business Brokers specializes in selling profitable companies in specific industries

We have experience selling Ohio Companies with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million.  We have been successfully selling businesses since 2002 and have built relationships with buyers in specific industries. This focus helps us to maximize the price for companies within these industries and shorten the business sales process. We have been ranked by multiple companies as a top 10 business broker nationwide. If you are interested in selling a company in Ohio in one of the following sectors, we can help.

Within these industries, we sell companies that have annual net incomes of $250,000 to $7 Million.  We provide a free, confidential consultation with no fee until your business is sold.

Buyers that want to acquire companies in Ohio

Ohio is one of only a handful of states with three large cities with Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus.  As a result, many businesses headquartered in the Northeast want to gain a foothold in the Midwest. Ohio is a perfect gateway location to expand by acquiring an Ohio-based company.

We have a database of 30,000 potential buyers that are throughout the US and overseas. A large part of our job matches the right buyer with the right business at terms that work for both parties.  In addition to the three largest cities in Ohio, other locations that companies would like to expand into include Toledo, Acron, and Dayton for potential business acquisitions.

Synergy Business Brokers sells businesses confidentially. We'll advertise your business without providing the company's name, and we'll ensure that potential buyers sign confidentiality agreements before releasing the details.

We have potential buyers for:

  • Ohio Software & IT Services Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies in Ohio
  • Service Businesses in OH
  • OH Construction companies
  • Distribution companies serving the Midwest
  • Midwest healthcare companies
  • Engineering companies in Ohio
  • OH Transportation companies

Multiple Offers For Your Ohio Business

In most cases, we can get multiple offers for the profitable businesses that we represent. We work with you to bring out the strengths of your Ohio business and position your weaknesses as opportunities for a new owner to improve. Typically you will work with the new owner to help them with a transition of the business to ensure that your customers, employees, and suppliers are taken good care of during the transition and into the future.

Confidential Ohio Business Consultation

Top Business Brokers OhioWe'll discuss your unique business and goals and let you know if we can help you achieve them.  Because we only get a fee if we are successful, we are selective in taking on assignments where we feel this will happen. We'll review your financial information and provide you with a potential selling price to make sure we are on the same page regarding a possible valuation.

Questions About Selling Your Ohio Company

When starting the process of selling your business, it can be challenging to know where to begin. You have a wide range of questions and concerns. If your business qualifies, we help answer those questions in the consultation as well as through the selling process. Get answers to your questions about selling your business and find qualified buyers for your Ohio business.

Why Should I Sell My Ohio Business?

Selling your business is a personal decision. Some choose to sell their business for their family, others because of retirement. Many people sell their Ohio business because they are planning on investing in their next venture. Whatever reason for selling your business, you should make sure you sell it efficiently and effectively.

How Much Should I Sell My Ohio Business For?

No matter where it is located, a business has a foundational value based on assets and profitability. At Synergy Business Brokers, we can provide a valuation for your Ohio business. Knowing the value of your business is one of the first steps to selling it effectively. In order to get an accurate valuation, you need to get together your Ohio business’s tax history, financial records, and a compiled list of assets. The more information we know about your business, the more effectively we can provide a confidential consultation. Knowing how much to sell your business for is one of the first steps in selling your business.

When Should I Sell My Ohio Business?

You should sell your Ohio business when you’re ready. Many business broker gurus will tell you to play the market or sell it as soon as possible. At Synergy Business Brokers, we will help advise you when to sell your business so that you will profit, the business transaction will succeed, and all parties benefit when you sell your business. We know choosing to sell your business can be difficult. The years that you have put into its success can make selling it very difficult. We work with you to make sure the timeline of selling your Ohio business fits your needs.

Where Should I Sell My Ohio Business?

The location you sell your business at isn’t that important, but the wider range of locations you list your business in, the more likely a qualified buyer will be found. While you should undoubtedly target the Ohio business buyers market, having your business sell nationally and internationally simply increases the likelihood of it being purchased. At synergy business brokers, we will work with you to make sure your business sells in the market you prefer and the best buyer we can find.

Will I Have To Pay A Tax When I Sell My Ohio Business?

There is normally a tax on your Ohio business sale. This tax applies to the profits made when selling your business. If selling your business involves retirement, taxes should be factored into its sale.

What Documents Will I Need To Sell My Ohio Business?

Getting together the correct paperwork to sell your business effectively can be stressful. At Synergy Business Brokers in Ohio, we will work with you and inform you of all the documents we will need to make an effective business valuation and efficient business sale. Generally, the more information regarding your business’s profits, assets, and business transactions over recent years, the more effectively we can value your business and make an effective sale. To find a qualified buyer, we must know the business we are selling.

Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your OH Business

Please fill out our simple form online to contact us or email us at [email protected].  One of our Senior Brokers will contact you to discuss your options and potentially get started.

If you are interested in purchasing a business in Ohio, please view our Ohio Businesses for sale and contact the Broker with a listing you are interested in.

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