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Best Business Broker in Louisiana

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If you have a business in Louisiana with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million that you are considering selling, we offer a free, confidential consultation. We specialize in selling companies in technology, distribution, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, services, engineering, education, and transportation.

Selling a Louisiana Business Confidentially

We have a database of 30,000 potential buyers from around the country interested in buying businesses in the industries that we focus on above.  Rest assured, we won't advertise the name of your business and will only provide this information once a qualified potential buyer has signed a confidentiality agreement.

Mergers & Acquisitions in Louisiana

We contact many different potential buyers, including other companies within Louisiana and throughout the United States, that might be interested in acquiring your business. In some cases, the buyer may be looking to expand in Lousiana or throughout the region in the industry you are in. In other cases, the buyer may be a company that can leverage the products or services you provide to grow the business profitably. We also sell companies to wealthy entrepreneurs and private equity groups.

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No Fee until your Business is sold

Since we don't charge a fee unless we sell your business, we are selective in taking on assignments where we can be successful. If you have a profitable business and it is priced reasonably in one of the industries that we represent, we can help you to maximize the value of your business, typically with multiple offers. For these types of companies, we can help you whether your business is in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lafayette, Jefferson, St Tammany, or anywhere in Louisiana. We can:

  • Sell a manufacturing business in Louisiana.
  • Sell your Staffing business in Louisiana.
  • Sell a tech company in La.
  • Sell Louisiana Construction companies.
  • Sell your environmentally friendly company in Louisiana.
  • Answer questions on how to sell your Louisiana wholesale distribution business
  • Provide consultation for selling healthcare businesses in La.
  • Sell services businesses throughout Louisiana

Questions We Hear About Selling Your Business In Louisiana

Having worked with a wide variety of industries and businesses, we have heard many questions on the best way to sell your business. Below we've covered a few common questions we have received. Learn more about selling your business and get all of your questions answered.

Why should I sell my Louisiana business?

Selling your business can be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever done. Especially if that business you started yourself and built up from the ground. The reason you should sell your business is personal to you. Whether you are ready to retire or simply recognize that it is a good time to end your service at your Louisiana business. We have worked with a wide variety of business owners who have many reasons to sell their business. Many owners we work with may not want to quit working in their business, but they also want to make sure the business has a good transition. Some of those business owners still work for enjoyment and a salary at the business they sold years ago.

How much should I sell my Louisiana business for?

There are a variety of factors that determine how much you should sell your Louisiana company for. At Synergy Business Brokers, we look at all of these factors when giving a business evaluation. A business valuation is one of the first steps in the selling process. We will take a look at your business's assets, selling history, and profitability overall. This combined information can help determine the value of your business.

When should I sell my Louisiana business?

Many business owners wait too long to sell their business. If you wait too long, there’s a likelihood that your business will lose value as you lose time and investment within your business. Some people recommend you sell a business based on the market. It would be best to start your business in the selling process well before you are ready to retire or quit. This way, the Louisiana business will have you to be part of the transition. This is the best way you can effectively sell your business.

Where should I sell my Louisiana business?

Initially, you might think you can only sell your business in Louisiana. That isn’t true. Your business can sell nationally and internationally. Many buyers are looking to purchase a business property and a functioning business within Louisiana. Our job at Synergy Business Brokers is to find the best buyer for your company.

Will I Have To Pay A Tax When I Sell My Louisiana Business?

Yes. Typically there are always taxes on the profits made when selling your business. Planning for the taxes on selling your businesses is wise. Ensuring you are fully prepared for retirement after the sale of your Louisiana business is a top priority.

What Documents Will I Need To Sell My Louisiana Business?

There are a wide variety of documents you will need to sell your Louisiana business. Make sure you have the past tax returns for your business for the last three years. Have a breakdown of the profit and loss of your business over the past three years, Robert Stiplosek M&A Business Broker Louisianaas well as expenses, current agreements, and insurance policies. Knowing your business’s cash flow will help in the valuation of your Louisiana business. Many people use a business broker simply because of the paperwork, organization, evaluation, and transfer process. All of these items combined can be overwhelming. When you have a Louisiana business broker helping you through the process, you can make sure selling your business is effective and profitable.

Contact our Louisiana Business Broker

To get started, please call Robert Stiplosek at (504) 273-3226 or email him at [email protected].  To provide us with some more information in advance, please fill out our brief seller registration form.

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