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Top Business Brokers - South Central Pennsylvania

South Central Pennsylvania is an area that has a lot of natural beauty, but also an abundance of profitable companies. Although not as densely populated as Philadelphia or Baltimore, it is close enough to have access to these business centers and have the benefit of a lower cost of doing business.

If you are considering selling a company in South Central PA, please consider Synergy Business Brokers. We have buyers for profitable companies in the region in construction, manufacturing, technology, distribution, healthcare, services, and transportation.

Selling a Business in South Central PA

The first step in the process is a confidential conversation with us. We'll go over some of the details, find out more about your business and give you an estimate of what price you can expect for your South Central PA company. If you are considering selling a business in any of the following counties of PA, please let us know: Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Huntington, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, Mifflin, Perry, Synder, and York.  Whether your company is located in one of the larger metro areas like Harrisburg or Reading or a more rural area, we have potential buyers for companies with an annual net income between $200,000 and $5 Million.

M&A in South Central Pennsylvania

When selling a company in the S. Central PA area, sometimes the best buyer is a wealthy individual, and sometimes it may be another company that wants to merge your operation with their business. Or perhaps it is a private equity group that may want to merge your company with one of their other companies. Rest assured that whatever the case may be, we'll negotiate on your behalf to get you the best terms and conditions and find a buyer that you are comfortable with.

Award-Winning PA Business Broker

We are the #1 Ranked Business Broker in the South Central PA area. You can view some of our customer testimonials and sold businesses. For a confidential consultation, please fill out our online form.

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