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Should I Sell My Company Myself or Hire A Business Broker?

Should I sell my business myself or hire a business broker?

If you own a company and are thinking about retiring, then you may be wondering: Should I sell my company myself or hire a business broker? You may be deciding whether to pass your business down to one or more of your family members. Some considerations are, do they have the capabilities and interest to…

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How to Find the Right Business Broker to Sell your Company

Choosing the right business broker or M&A firm

Finding the right Business Broker or M&A firm to sell your company is an important decision. There are many good Business Brokers and M&A firms out there, but just because they’re good doesn’t mean they are the right fit to sell your company. In the 11 tips below, we’ll give you some ideas on how…

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When Should You Sell Your Business

When is the best time to sell your business.

THE BEST TIME TO SELL YOUR COMPANY When is the best time to sell your business? Many business owners do not think about this for the first 10 years of their business’s operation. Many business owners start to consider retiring later on in life and are looking for an exit strategy. Other business owners we…

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