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Buying or selling a business

The following is some basic information for anyone considering purchasing a business. Is may also be of interest to anyone thinking of selling their business. The more information and knowledge both sides have about buying and selling a business, the easier the process will become. A Buyer Profile Many of our Buyers are corporate buyers…

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How are Businesses for sale Priced

Generally, at the outset, a prospective seller will ask the business broker or M&A advisor what he or she thinks the business will sell for. The business broker or M&A advisor usually explains that a review of the financial information will be necessary before a price, or a range of prices, can be suggested for…

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Types of Buyers for Businesses

Today’s independent business marketplace attracts a wide variety of buyers eager for a piece of ownership action. Buyers of small businesses are most likely replacing lost jobs or searching for a happier alternative to corporate life. Buyers of mid-sized and large operations are, typically, private investment companies seeking businesses to build and eventually sell for…

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Service Businesses for sale

Some experts recommend that a business owner lay the groundwork for selling their business at about the same time as they start their business. Great advice, but it rarely happens. Many sales of businesses are event-driven, such as partnership problems, desire for retirement, health, divorce, or just plain burn-out pushes the business owner into selling.…

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