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Sundeep Gill

Sundeep GillSenior M&A Broker
Location: Long Island
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (516) 218-1590

Sundeep is based out of Nassau County, NY. Prior to becoming a Business Broker, his experience included purchasing and operating 4 successful businesses. In addition, he was a Vice President at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch where he spent 17 years. While there he managed a large team of people and reported to the Chief Operating Officer, where he developed a reputation for successfully completing projects on time. As a buyer of businesses, he has extensive knowledge of what buyers are looking for and how to successfully negotiate and close a deal. After running his businesses, he decided to divest and successfully sell his businesses and focus on the art of deal-making. Having gone through the process of buying and selling businesses, he understands the emotional attachments that owners have to their businesses. He considers this while searching for the right potential buyers who will honor the owner’s legacy while at the same time, negotiating the best terms. Sundeep has a Bachelor's Degree from NY Institute of Technology. Sundeep sells businesses worldwide including the US regions of the NortheastMidwestSouth, and more.

Sundeep Gill's Listings

Tech Developer & Manufacturer for sale


Annual Revenue: $4,315,381

Net Cash Flow: $662,547

This Company is a tech development company based in Romania. The company was established 8 years ago, developing and manufacturing IT-based products under its own brand name. The company strives to develop products with the individual needs of the consumer...

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IT Services & Staffing Company for sale PA


Annual Revenue: $1,060,190

Net Cash Flow: $379,448

This offering is for an IT and Tech consulting/staffing business for a variety of industries. The business helps companies find qualified, determined and motivated talent in various business IT fields such as but not limited to IT Leadership, IT Project...

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Import Export Company for sale


Annual Revenue: $7,498,244

Net Cash Flow: $985,311

This is a Hong Kong based company that engages in the import and export of Housewares, Kitchenware, and other supplementary products added over time. The company has been in operation for the last 17 years and has over 500 vendors...

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IT Services company for sale in ohio


Annual Revenue: $600,000

Net Cash Flow: $300,000

This offering is of a consulting company specializing in Supply Chain Management using the SAP Supply Chain solutions. The company has strived to provide their Clients with innovative, streamlined and cost-effective supply chain management solutions that help clients secure a...

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World Map


Annual Revenue: $1,800,000

The Company is the patent owner of The Platform, a Global Real Estate listing platform. This platform sets a unique investment opportunity built on the fact that, increasingly, buyers and sellers and entire markets are getting globalized over time. This...

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Sell my Cleaning Supplies Distributor

Commercial Cleaning And Restoration Products Business


Suffolk County, New York


Annual Revenue: $563,658

Net Cash Flow: $208,537

This company is in the business for over 20 years servicing the Commercial Cleaning and Restoration Business needs. The company has territorial rights with many of the manufacturers of the equipment and chemicals – hence competition is limited. There are...

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ISP/MSP for sale Tennessee


Annual Revenue: $1,252,358

Net Cash Flow: $495,825

The company was established in the mid 90’s. The company is family-owned and operates out of company-owned premises. Being under the same management for all its existence, this business has thrived in a rapidly changing technological environment. The company has...

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Tech Consulting co

Professional Tech Consulting – Sold

Technology, IT Services

New York


Annual Revenue: $1,814,555

Net Cash Flow: $692,504

This company is a corporate IT consulting solutions provider mainly dedicated to preventive system maintenance. The company has been in operation since 1999. The company’s founder started the company in a bid to meet the demands of the rapidly changing...

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ERP Software Company for sale


Annual Revenue: $1,361,884

Net Cash Flow: $246,059

This Company is a software provider and IT consulting services in business since the mid-1970s for the manufacturing industry. They have around 30 clients that they serve. This Company has an Intellectual Property for ERP software in their niche market....

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Digitizing business


Annual Revenue: $1,091,016

Net Cash Flow: $412,018

A leader in digitization realm has come to the market. They have been in business for over 10 years with 100% customer satisfaction rate. They are experts at converting all media formats and have the ability to convert photo, film,...

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