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Wholesale Seafood Distributor – Established 90 years – Has Accepted Offer

Price: $3,250,000

Annual Revenue: $37,000,000

Net Cash Flow: $900,000

Industry: Distribution

Location: NYC, New York

This business has an accepted offer. Please view our other distribution businesses for sale.

Well-respected and highly recognized, this leading fish and seafood wholesaler has been an industry staple throughout its history. Boasting an impeccable reputation for consistently offering the widest variety of fresh fish and seafood products at fair pricing, the company has survived and indeed, flourished through recessions, political and economic volatility, and even the current pandemic.

Management and ownership have cultivated profitable, longstanding relationships with customers that transcend time. A well-trained and tenured staff assures the company’s position as a trusted leader in this niche. Based in the same NYC location from its inception, the firm is insulated from prolonged effects of economic and other uncertainties as evidenced by its recent resurgence during the pandemic.

After suffering a brief ebb in 2020, top-line growth actually increased by nearly 27% in 2021, and nearly 7% in comparison to 2019! Owners have identified multiple scaling opportunities including outreach sales efforts, creation and implementation of a marketing program, and increasing the variety of its offerings. A fully equipped warehouse, motivated staff, and an owner willing to stay on for an extended transition complete this legacy offering.

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