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Tech Consulting Firm Serving Fortune 500 Companies

Price: $1,200,000

Annual Revenue: $600,000

Net Cash Flow: $300,000

Industry: Technology

Location: Ohio

This offering is of a consulting company specializing in Supply Chain Management using the SAP Supply Chain solutions. The company has strived to provide their Clients with innovative, streamlined and cost-effective supply chain management solutions that help clients secure a competitive edge in their respective industries. The company was established to serve clients globally with the utilization of Remote and on-site team of consultants. The company’s main area of expertise is the provision of SAP expertise to initiate, plan, build, manage, train and implement an SAP Supply Chain Management project on a large or small scale.

The company is a professional service organization determined to provide quality consultation services in SAP supply chain management. The company Consulting helps clients develop actionable strategies to maximize performance and achieve measurable results. By focusing on Manufacturing Products, the company delivers their in-depth SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) knowledge and insights required to enable an organization to manage their supply chain process in a dynamic environment in processes such as supply chain networking, supply chain planning, and coordination, and supply chain execution. The company has a team of 10 consultants who serve clients around the US to deliver remote and on-site consultation services.

Key Highlights
• The founder solely owns the business.
• The business has an average profit margin of 50% in the last five years of operation making it a very lucrative opportunity.
• The owner and founder are willing to stay on post to ease the transition to the new owner. The owner will help the new proprietor enter the market by familiarizing them to the resource pool consultants and existing clients.
• The company has performed well this Financial year (2019) as of May 2019; the company has managed a revenue of $219,268 and a net profit of $141,041.
• The company relies on resource pool consultants and therefore does not have to hire a full-time team of consultants saving resources and at the same time exposing the company to the limitless experience and diversity of open resource pools.
• The company has services agreements with consultants and specialists in different SAP-SCM solution aspects and industry. These agreements are exclusive, and resources are available upon request.  Employees: 10

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