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Startup Edu-Tech Software/Hardware Company

Industry: Technology

Location: Essex County, New Jersey

This is an early revenue company that sells compact and light-weight portable devices designed to capture everything that occurs during a class or business meeting.

It captures and converts both marker-board handwriting and speech to text.
Once fully collected, the text transcription can be immediately sent to all students/attendees to review, comment, and edit on any device.
Equally importantly, the device allows attendees to pay attention to what is happening in the room instead of worrying about taking notes.

Listing Details

EBITDA: $100,000

Reason For Sale:

The owner needs help launching into the proper sales channels.

Training & Support:

The owner engineered the device, so he can both service and train users/sales channels.


Year Established: 2019

Employees: 1



Market leaders like Cisco, who have a “telepresence”product, have focused on remote meetings, not truly capturing live-room meetings and charge40k per room, compared to this company’s cost at 3k. Installation and usage is also far easier than competing products.

Potential Growth:

The device is a hybrid SAAS/HAAS, offering cloud integration as the market shifts towards cloud computing and services.

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