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Growing Environmental Cleanup Technology and Solutions Company

Price: $3,600,000

Annual Revenue: $5,015,000

Industry: Technology

Location: Northeast, New Jersey

We have been retained to place a 20-year-old unique environmental remediation firm into a larger firm as a Day 1 ready business unit.  The company develops subsurface procedures, materials, and devices to reach under structures to clean groundwater and soil without disturbing business operations or residential occupancy.
This opportunity will provide greater asset value to a strategic buyer.
Their technologies have been successfully used with a 100 % contract and safety record for the Department of Defense bases, Fortune 500 Companies, refineries, gas stations, apartments, homes, land development, schools, shopping centers, skyscrapers, hospitals, municipalities, State-funded sites, and internationally.
Most significant about the company’s technical development is that all solutions and employer-provided field services are presented in well-proven contracting options as business solutions.
The company has a suite of performance contracts, peer contracts, and time and material programs. Each is designed to reduce the risk for all stakeholders. The company’s technology is recognized as the pioneer in being able to control and fix the duration and cost of remediations to be predictable with reasonable certainty.
The company has specializations in many technology markets including the recovery and or destruction of free product (LNAPL and DNAPL), treatment in fractured rock, real-time delineation and installation with great costs savings, being able to install large reach devices under buildings, utilities, and roads from just two to six-inch borings, and the treatment of very difficult contaminants in multiple geologies. The company has experience with a wide variety of contaminates from basic volatile organics to poly-chlorinated solvents and a system demonstrated for Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) using time-tested components from previous cleanups.
The founding Principal is the second generation in this field with 30 years of experience in the market and running business operations. The managing Principal for the sale is a former military officer, government regulator, and attorney, who is a mechanical engineer. The partners have worked together for 30 years in changing capacities with an executive staff that has been together for 20 years. The management is open to whatever the best continuation or knowledge transfer plan is needed for the buyer to make sure the technologies are available to all markets. Also as a benefit, the most recognized household name in the industry has been an advisor and generator of sales since 2008 and can be available to continue to assist. All management has experience either working for Fortune 500 companies or government agencies.
The company has been run as a demonstration business limiting orders to five million dollars per year because of limited working capital and proving development. In the last month alone, $3M of new business has arrived, making it a necessity to move to a larger platform. The management team is very skilled in transferring operations seamlessly. In 2003, a Principal bought out former Principals and changed the form of the company adding third-party financial services. In 2004, the company successfully licensed and trained personnel in Japan. The company services the entire United States while being headquartered in New Jersey.
The management team believes its technology is best suited in a larger business unit or organization with extensive reach into land development, Federal and State services, or an entity looking to get an instant foothold or enlarge its market position in environmental services. A good fit would either be an acquiring concern that requires internal remediation services while selling to outside companies, or a company that itself needs to remediate its own contaminated properties. This technology is suited for situations where non-disturbance of structures is necessary; while being able to provide the services parallel to construction, or after disasters. The economics are both highly profitable and highly beneficial in saving time and costs.


Employees: 13 (2020 level of staffing during the pandemic)


Square Footage: 12000



The company’s Intellectual property program includes a patent and many trademarks, but has mostly utilized a trade secret model to update and add new technologies. The Principals were
involved as Plaintiffs in the 1990’s in patent cases. They learned the most innovative ideas in environmental remediation are not protected by patents in this marketplace. If a buyer wants
to generate IP, many trade secrets can be patented.

Potential Growth:

The company has been positioning for explosive growth market opportunities in 2021. Now is the time for this process to be taken to a larger stage
to realize its full potential. The techniques and processes to make environmental issues calculable in terms of cost and duration need to be placed into a larger entity.

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