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Promotional Products company – Gifts, Awards, and Apparel – Sold

Price: $790,000

Annual Revenue: $1,127,000

Net Cash Flow: $360,000

Industry: Distribution

Location: (Relocatable), Maryland

This business has been sold. Please contact us if you would like to sell a promotional products business in Maryland or any other location and view our other businesses for sale.
This is an ideal business for a number of different types of buyers. It has seen continued growth and stability for over 20 years in business. They sell into the higher end of the market, including business, law firms, government, and military customers.
Many clients have been with the company for years. This company values its existing clients and constantly adds new clients through its referrals and targeted marketing network.
They sell business gifts and customized, branded promotional products, apparel, awards, custom-designed pieces in all categories, as well as challenge coins.
They offer online programs, warehousing of merchandise for programs, multiple websites, company online stores, and the latest technology for customer service and order processing to ensure a great client experience. The company’s vendor relationships also have longevity, and most offer us generous terms.
They work with a core group of vendors but also have access to a limitless number of additional vendors. This gives the company the unique ability to reach out in many directions to provide to their clients the most up-to-date, high-tech, and interesting gifts/awards/promotional products/wearables on the market.
In short, they make it easy for them to do business with this company, knowing they will get a high-quality product on time and within their budget. The company’s most attractive part is they show Gross Profits of 50% or better for the last 4 years (2017-2020 to date).

Listing Details

FFE: $155,000 (Included in Price)

Terms and Conditions?:

Owners will provide training, but not interested in entertaining a buyout.

Training & Support:

Included with the sale is training for 3 months by the existing management team, all account information, records, historical documentation and etc.


Facilities Information:

This company is run by two senior personnel who both sell and manage specific aspects of the business. In addition, there are currently two support personnel that provide the customer service, order management and shipping functions. The maximum number of personnel we have had is 4 full time and 1 part time. Each person is well trained and operates with a minimum of oversight.


Historical Summary:

  • This company is positioned so that no matter who the purchaser is they can step right in on day one and make money.  It is an ideal business for either an investor or a business to purchase.  As an investor, the cash flow and limited number of employees that it takes to run make it extremely attractive.  As a company looking to add on and grow, it can seamlessly integrate with your current business.

The sale includes all the accounts and relationships of the company and any information related to them including but not limited to history, contacts, orders, online stores, technology.  Additionally, the websites for both the company and individual accounts.

This company is currently located in offices and warehouses in Annapolis, MD.  They will entertain leasing or selling the buildings as a separate consideration to the sale of the business.  This would include the existing furniture, computers and server, tools, and supplies.

Focused on the higher-end market.  They work with clients where they can sell vertically throughout the company, firm, or government/military entity.  They are so tightly entrenched with many of our customers and provide such top-notch service and product that they rarely feel the need to look for another supplier.  Additionally, they have developed a unique group of products that only we can provide which has them coming back repeatedly.

This company goes to market almost virtually, eliminating unnecessary travel and presentation time. They found years ago that as the market was changing and new, younger buyer, where the market that we needed to adapt to their style of purchasing. It has allowed them to be faster and provide that immediate gratification that they crave.

Additionally, they curated vendors and vendor relationships that would put our needs first.  If they needed something for a client in a day, they know who we can reach out to and make it happen.


Currently sell to the following markets:




Government including the Executive Branch

Political Groups

Law Firms

Financial Firms


Military, including Command Level, District Commands, Fleets

First Responders – Fire, Police, Emergency

Sports teams and marketing

Because of their varied market and having both strong government and commercial/business accounts, when one market weakens, they put their efforts toward the markets that are buying.

Owner Qualifications:



Some of our markets have very little competition. The government and military business is always looking for Made in the USA products and we are the top supplier of these types of products.  Our market is to Protocol Offices, Command Offices, Executive Branches, First Responders, and Diplomats.

In the promotional products space the competition is strong.  They have been successful in this space by vertically selling within the company or law firm, so we are working with many departments at the same time.  Additionally, they stay ahead of the competition by being first with what is new, providing timely virtual proofs, and customer service that is so responsive that they know we are part of their team.

In the awards space, they design or work with manufacturers to design unique pieces, therefore the competition is low.  Once committed to our design, they will continue with the award for years.

Potential Growth:

-They continue to grow their business with a multi-prong marketing plan.

-They retrieve soloistic referrals from existing customers.  Are our customers like doing business with us, they are happy to recommend us as well as provide references for our work.

-They are constantly looking for opportunities inside of our existing accounts as they are the easiest to acquire.

-They have several email list with over 20,000 working emails that promotions are sent to, some weekly, some monthly.

-They do targeted marketing with a combination of product samples, catalogs, flyers and cards.

-They are constantly working on updating and improving our websites and through the channels above to direct clients to these sites to use both as an online catalog and to order directly from.


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