Open MRI Centers for sale

Price: $6,000,000

Annual Revenue: $11,856,000

Net Cash Flow: $989,256

Industry: Health Care

Location: Philadelphia, PA

They specialize in MRI ‘s for personal injury and all major medical insurance and workers compensation. These 8 facilities are open MRI centers. Patients can be scanned in almost any position such as flexion or extension (to name but 2 of many) such that ligamentous instabilities can be seen where missed in any other MRI (closed or open).

They use Fonar technology, which has an added benefit that most MRI’s can be performed seated while watching TV. This is the quietest MRI in the market. Their technology helps attract otherwise claustrophobic patients.

This absentee company is well-maintained by leadership with regards to marketing, machine maintenance, billing and collections (in-house), insurance contracts, and bookkeeping.

They get referrals from Attorneys, Doctors, word of mouth and their SEO/website. They are one of the largest providers of open MRI services within the Philadelphia area. All 8 facilities are sold as a package.

Facilities:8 separate leases being provided. Most through 2028 with options to renew, etc

Competition: Company is the DOMINANT competitor in the market. No one else has Fonar MRIs and no one else has as many locations. Their referring physicians are loyal and they cater to their patients promptly.

Growth & Expansion: Adding more insurance contracts to the business would open more doors. Adding other testing modalities like CT, x-ray, ultrasound, PET, etc would offer a one-stop solution to referring doctors and patients. A new owner could pursue a cloud-based solution. Additionally, interacting with large groups of PCPs and specialists would be a win-win. Finally, running television ads would drive the business very well. There are some very good YouTube video ads that can be emulated.

Financing: may consider

Support & Training: Ongoing support will be provided by the seller