Profitable Lot Sweeping and Snow Removal Businesses

Price: $795,000

Annual Revenue: $1,284,173

Net Cash Flow: $340,107

Industry: Contractors

Location: NYC, NY

The Snow Removal and Sweeping Businesses have a long history of providing high-quality work and superior customer service. While there are competing businesses, the company has more equipment and an experienced team of employees. As a result, it handles many of the big projects that smaller operators do not have the capacity for while making it difficult for less formidable competitors to take away customers from the business. Management is willing to assist with a smooth transition by consulting the new owners for as long as is necessary.

Business Highlights:

• Recurring and diverse revenue streams provides protection from economic cycle volatility
• Premium pricing with long term contracts and high-quality commercial customer base
• Established, well-known business with low competition located in fast-growing business hub
• Centrally located to serve the Tri-State region
• Highly complementary businesses generate continued cash flow and employment year-round
• Latest well-maintained and up-to-date equipment offers a buyer a complete turnkey operation 
• Long-term, loyal employees who are well-trained, friendly and knowledgeable
• Tremendous growth opportunities with the capacity to handle significant new business 

Growth and Expansion Opportunities

Given the businesses strong reputation and well-established presence, a motivated buyer can grow the any of the units quite easily. A few calls placed per day to property managers and large businesses would be expected to produce dramatic results. In addition, simply accepting new business calls as they come in would ramp up sales significantly. Central location readily enables further expansion into Tri-State region. Creating a web presence, branding and utilizing both traditional and on-line marketing, and establishing referral networks are excellent opportunities expand the reach of the business. In addition, management has identified complementary ancillary services including landscaping, waterproofing, pressure washing and paving which can easily be added or subcontracted to existing and new clients.

Listing Details

FFE: $475,000


Facilities Information:

Located in a highly populated, fast-growing hub with a plethora of commercial businesses, shopping centers, and above-average lot sizes. This location provides the businesses a central location from where it can easily access and provide services to businesses across the Tri-State region.