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Premier HVAC and Plumbing Company – Has Accepted Offer

Price: $1,676,490

Annual Revenue: $2,177,693

Net Cash Flow: $558,830

Industry: Construction

Location: Western US

The company has accepted an offer, view our other construction businesses for sale. The company is a premier HVAC and plumbing business that has served their communities for over 50 years. The company is specialized in installations, service, and repair and has over 4,000 active residential, commercial and municipal clients.

The company’s clientele is roughly comprised of 80% residential, 10% commercial, and 10% Municipal/Government. About 80% to 90% of clients are repeat clients, and the company offers membership programs, so re-servicing is a very strong revenue component.

Over the last 4 years, revenues have steadily grown at an average of 20% year-over-year, and the business continues to win commerce awards for its elite service.

Because the company is so highly reputed, clients come to them and ask for bids on jobs, whether it be residential, commercial, or new construction. The company is also able to bid on Government jobs through its Procure account. Ownership currently chooses to bid on jobs within a 60-mile radius, sometimes further depending on the opportunity and terms.

Listing Details

Real Estate: $795,000

Terms and Conditions?:

Real Estate is not included in the asking price.

Reason For Sale:


Training & Support:

All HVAC and Plumbing Technicians are willing to go forward to new ownership in the transaction.


Square Footage: 4000

Facilities Information:

The company owns both the HVAC and the Plumbing shops that it operates from. The properties are located only a short drive from one another, and both of the shops were renovated in the last few years. Ownership is willing to either sell the properties in conjunction with the business or to rent/lease to the buyer.



Some of the company’s competitors have gone out of business due to COVID, and this has shifted more jobs towards the company.

Potential Growth:

The business should continue to organically grow northward since many current clients have requested work in Maricopa County, and the company has been able to complete these jobs because its license covers the outlining areas. Another area of growth is in the new construction side of the business since general contractors constantly ask the company to provide new construction installation services. Furthermore, the mayor recently approved the building of several large housing communities in the area, and the owners have a great relationship with the mayor. In seizing these opportunities, the new owners would need to hire additional employees to handle the increased volume but would completely dominate the market.

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