Orthopedic Practice with Great Reputation

Price: $1,000,000

Annual Revenue: $884,565

Net Cash Flow: $735,232

Industry: Health Care, Medical

Location: Suffolk County, NY

A long established and reputable 30 years Orthopaedic practice is for sale. The practice is a turnkey operation. Everything that is needed as far as medical equipment is in-house, including digital computer systems/ digital x-rays etc. He is among 6 other Doctors that occupy the complex. He has a very loyal following. His reputation is that of a very reasonable and trustworthy doctor. The practitioner is working 6 hours a week due to his worsening health and his on-going disability. 

He has an abundance of clients, which have been suffering because he has been relying upon the PAs (who are providing limited hours). He does not do any surgeries because of his disability and gives them away to other practitioner. Average surgery price is $1000-$7000/surgery. Currently operating with Physician’s Assistant and Nurse practitioner with limited hours. There is overwhelming number of staff that is not needed. A lot of celebrities have been past clients. 

This practice is Ideal for general Orthopaedics or Specialty Orthopaedics practitioner.


The complex comprises of 6 other practitioners. The complex is 25% owned by the Doctor. 1/6 of rent is paid to Doctors. Complex comprises of world-renowned doctors, which is owned by the doctors themselves. All the equipment is owned.
Growth & Expansion:
A doctor can see all the patients by him/herself. The current Doctor believes a new Doctor can see 200 patients a week, in a 40-hour week. Reduce or consolidate the number of employees, start seeing patients him/herself and start doing surgeries (which rage from $1000 to $7000 a surgery). Or can consolidate the employee base and hire a good PA to run the operations if they have multiple locations. Additional revenue that has started to materialize as of November of 2017 is Ultrasound re-reads, which brings in $250/read, Tenacin, and workers comp. Which was not done in the previous years In the past the Doctor did 200 surgeries a year on average.
Half Down
Support & Training:
30 – 60 Days of Training
Reason for Selling: