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Neurofeedback Therapy Business for sale

Price: $1,550,000

Annual Revenue: $1,127,000

Net Cash Flow: $368,000

Industry: Health Care

Location: Oklahoma

Neurofeedback has been used successfully for over 60 years.  It’s largest use is for its ability to help children with autism and ADHD however it also has other applications.  The business has been growing based on its successful treatment and referral network as well as a marketing campaign. They have 12 employees, 3 full time professional mental health therapists and a psychiatrist on staff. They currently operate nine treatment rooms.

There are three types of ideal clients… a client who is dealing with

  1. ADD/ADHD; neurofeedback is extremely effective which is why the American Academy of Pediatrics stated in 2009 that neurofeedback is an A1 level best choice for treating attention deficits.
  1. Patients who deal with anxiety and depression. So many individuals come to the clinic having tried everything. Neurofeedback is extremely effective at helping these individuals who have been “stuck” in an anxiety brain wave pattern, to forge a new neuropathway and stop the vicious cycling between anxiety and depression. This is why the US Military is using it to treat PTSD.
  1. The third ideal patient is simply someone who wants to achieve Peak Performance in this stressful world with improvements in focus and memory. They have treated professional athletes, politicians, dancers and CEOs of corporations. Neurofeedback can also help with performance anxiety for test-taking and ACT and college entrance exams.

They have a large referral network from doctors. They have patients who come from as far away as South Africa for treatment.

In addition to neurofeedback, they can help determine if a patient is dealing with metabolic issues that are contributing to the gut/brain connection. They look at the nutritional aspect and are certified brain health coaches. They have psychiatrists for the very purpose of helping get individuals off of medication instead of putting them on it. They consistently have entire families getting treatment because of the positive results, they have an excellent reputation in the community and across the medical field.

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