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25 + yr. Chemical manufacturer, IP industrial biodegradable cleaners

Price: $4,000,000

Annual Revenue: $1,842,591

Net Cash Flow: $502,109

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Houston Area, Texas

The Company is known for its high performing proprietary biodegradable specialty industrial cleaners and degassers. (IP Value $1.2M)

The company is looking to merge with another business that has experience in the Oil and Gas industry.

A Texas-based company engaged in the business of manufacturing and distributing proprietary industrial biodegradable specialty cleaners. The company sells to a large variety of Global companies including those who are in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical manufacturing, railroad business, and downstream refining and has an A+ rating with existing customers. The company is a niche company that supports large corporations in many industries. For example, Refineries, Industrial Service Companies, Tank Cleaning, Environmental Services, Maintenance clean-up projects, and Turn-Around projects. Long Term Contracts in place.

The biodegradable cleaners that the company manufactures include a variety of multi-purpose cleaners & degreasers for use in cosmetic cleaning. This would include refining process units in industrial plants that require degreasers and a natural solvent with a high flashpoint. The natural solvent is used for oil tanks, process towers, drums, heat exchangers, concrete surfaces which have tar & asphaltene build-up, a fin fan cleaner for cleaning hundreds of fin fans at each refinery, and a proven biodegradable degreaser that is high-performing, low surfactant and supports wastewater treatment plants. The company has EPA approved products in our portfolio. These products are ideal for Emergency and Spill Response companies.

The company manufactures two degasser cleaners as well and both are superior to the competition, based on performance results. This degasser is sold directly to refineries as well as to Industrial Service companies who used the degassers at a variety of plants and terminals. With, many years of proven use in projects completed and a proven record of success, the cleaners used for degassing/vapor phasing consistently achieves Zero % LELs, ZERO ppm H2S, Benzene, and other hydrocarbons.

These economical cleaners/degassers will lead the cleaning business in the Turn Around (T/A) category as State Air Emission Regulations continue to become even more stringent. The employees are knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service. Majority of the customer base is in-state. Potential for national growth is unlimited. The purchase price includes the furniture, equipment, manufacturing facility and real estate, intellectual property (product formulas and Trademarks) and Good Will of the operating business. A niche company that is great as an add-on or ideal for a strategic buyer.


Employees: 5

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