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Large C-Store Wholesaler – Has Accepted Offer

Price: $6,000,000

Annual Revenue: $50,000,000

Net Cash Flow: $2,200,000

Industry: Distribution

Location: OKC, Oklahoma

The company has accepted an offer, view our other distribution businesses for sale.

The company is currently distributing products to about 600 Convenience stores in the Oklahoma City metroplex surrounding area. The business offers a cash & carry warehouse as well as direct delivery.

They specialize in products for Convenience Stores, CBD Tobacco shops, and more. Uniquely, convenience store owners can browse for products at their 20,000+ sqft. warehouse. This allows convenience stores additional options if they’re regular orders are delayed or are on backorder. The company provides shoppers with unmatched customer service and direct delivery.
The mission is to provide quality products and services at the most competitive prices allowing their convenience store customers to maintain their profitability. The company is dedicated to maintaining a straightforward, honest shopping experience and convenience to C-store owners.
Since its inception, the company has provided shoppers with unmatched customer service and integrity. Customers value the satisfaction offered year after year. This has lead to the company becoming the most substantial cash & carry convenience store supplier in Oklahoma by housing and selling over 6,000+ items.
The price is: $6,000,000 which includes Inventory, property and equipment as follows: $2,500,000 Inventory + $1,200,000 property (20,000 Sq ft warehouse) + $500,000 in equipment.
The business has twenty-two employees.
Upside – the business can be duplicated in Tulsa, Okla. and in Southern Oklahoma.
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