Highly Recognized Vegan Fashion Brand in Fast Growing Category

Price: $750,000

Annual Revenue: $1,148,995

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: NYC, NY

The Company is a Vegan fashion brand and a pioneer and leader in the manufacture of stylish and warm outerwear that is animal-free, ethical and environmentally friendly. Its “Vegan” products incorporate high-tech materials consisting of organic and recycled fibers that perform better than animal fibers and are cut and sewn locally in the United States utilizing ethical manufacturing practices. 

The Company’s organic growth has been achieved primarily by word of mouth, extensive editorial coverage and through extensive partnerships with non-profit organizations. Examples include being named “a rising label” and “best wool-free brand” by Vogue, “breaking runway history, the rebel of Fashion Week and the next Stella McCartney” by CNN, and Oprah declaring that it “proves animal-free fashion can be cute, chic and sexy”. Other examples include being named “one of the most innovative businesses in NYC” by BusinessInsider, “Best Wool-Free Brand” by PETA UK. In addition, the Company’s founder won PETA’s “Most Influential Designer” award, was featured in a campaign by Conde Nast and will soon be starring in a documentary produced by one of the world’s largest ecommerce companies.

Growth and Expansion: 

Outerwear is a $1.49 billion market and 44% of all Americans prefer to support a responsible brand. This represents a $655 Million opportunity in the United States. Furthermore, 67% of Millennials say they want to support responsible brands. While conscious eating and living has been all the rage over the past decade and has experienced exponential growth, ethical fashion had been lagging. Conditions are now ideal for this segment of the apparel industry to experience similar growth. “Vegan” was named one of 2017’s top 10 words in fashion by Refinery 29 and according to global research firm J. Walter Thompson Intelligence’s Future 100 report, “vegan fashion will be a major trend for 2018, particularly in the luxury sector”. Having a first mover advantage and strong reputation, the company is well-positioned to scale for accelerated growth. The Company’s founder is receptive to staying on to help grow the brand further.