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Growing Digital Marketing Company For Sale

Price: $8,000,000

Annual Revenue: $4,247,201

Net Cash Flow: $1,322,875

Industry: Technology

Location: Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania

This is an established full-service digital marketing company that brings in over 1.3 million dollars in net profit a year and $267,000 in recurring revenue per month. Year after year, there is solid growth. This company even grew substantially during COVID-19 and survived the 2008-2009 financial collapse. In today’s market, if you are looking for a company that thrives in good times and bad, please pay close attention as this may be the opportunity for you! This company’s marketing offerings are vast, diverse, and include a new service that none of its competitors have and would be very hard to replicateWith over 150 clients, not one makes up over 3% of monthly revenue. That, along with very high client retention rates, A+ employees, and driven owners, make this a turn-key transition and investment opportunity.

Services Including:

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Advertising
Website Design & Development
Website Management Services
Pinpoint Target Marketing

This company services brick and mortar as well as e-commerce businesses.
All employees work remotely, and there is not a physical location. Another aspect of this deal is that the current owners want to stay on board after the sale long-term in return for a reasonable salary. This means that you will walk-in to an already great performing company, but then the owners will help grow your investment even more!

Listing Details

Training & Support:

The owners want to stay on long-term (years) to leverage expertise in a capacity that suits both the buyer and seller.


Owner Hours Per Week: 60

Employees: 23


Owner Qualifications:

Have an understanding of the industry.


There are many competitors in this space. However, they own many niches and clients come to them by referral.

Potential Growth:

This company has put basically zero into marketing and have all this growth. Imagine if they did market?


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