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Full-Service Machine Shop with Unique Proprietary Software for Sale

Price: $5,400,000

Annual Revenue: $3,968,000

Net Cash Flow: $959,000

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: New Jersey

This NJ-based internet-oriented CNC manufacturer is a leading online contract manufacturing facility providing custom mechanical parts for business and consumer markets. It has developed its own proprietary software and has a long stable track record.

The company developed a unique easy-to-use CAD software application that is provided to their customers. The company has a steady stream of revenue from its repeat clientele – over 82% have been ordering for more than a year.



Historical Summary:

The firm is a single-owner, single-location profitable company. It is one of a handful of CNC on-demand web manufacturers that have successfully leveraged the internet through a unique set of software tools using AI-type expert systems. They have:

  • Highly diversified customer base
  • Sophisticated easy design software
  • Only a handful of competitors
  • High barrier to entry
  • Proprietary digital technology to enhance productivity
  • Strong, recognized brand name
  • Employees that are expected to stay post-closing 

Owner ready to assist in a successful transition.


The firm has successfully adapted CNC manufacturing to the internet with smart software, interactive automation, and rapid pricing –  a fast expanding area. They differentiate from competitors through internally developed, innovative software that allows its customers to work quickly and easily.

Potential Growth:

Various growth strategies in this multi-billion dollar market include supplier expansion, process diversification, software licensing, direct sales, online marketing, etc.

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