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Firewood and BBQ wood sales growing demand

Price: $3,000,000

Annual Revenue: $1,000,000

Net Cash Flow: $300,000

Industry: Distribution

Location: Dallas Area, Texas

The company takes in greenwood logs from logging contractors, let’s them season for 6 mos., cuts, splits, packaged, palletized, and then distributed. The company sells and distributes to C-Stores and groceries.

100% of the waste is sold as mulch, and the sawdust is sold to pelletize for BBQ companies. This company can’t keep up with the growing demand. The owner needs to retire. Firewood and BBQ wood is sold by local stores.

Offering the best firewood for fire and BBQ’ing. All of the wood is hand-selected and split to ensure the most premium firewood is delivered. The wood is well seasoned, bug-free, and consistently split to ensure the wood is satisfactory to the last flame.

Listing Details

Inventory: $250,000 (Included in Price)


Employees: 9

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