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Electronic Component Manufacturer for sale

Price: $1,299,000

Annual Revenue: $1,500,000

Net Cash Flow: $437,000

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: New Haven County, Connecticut

Company designs and manufactures highly specialized electronic components used by numerous manufacturers. This company is an ISO 9001 certified facility and is a Tier One supplier to several major manufacturers that use these components exclusively to manufacture and assemble their finished products. The company offers a limited number of SKU’s – yet has the ability to supply and configure these components to meet their customer’s specifications and requirements. As a small company, it can offer flexible manufacturing quantities and respond quickly to customer’s needs.

Equipment Value $30,000; Inventory $170,000; and WIP $80,000. Assets About $250,000 to $300,000. (As of June)

Listing Details

Inventory: $170,000


Employees: 5


Monthly Rent: 2250

Square Footage: 5000

Facilities Information:

Staff: Office staff of (1) and manufacturing staff of 5 people run this operation very efficiently – employees have a current tenure ranging from 5 years to 15 years+/-. The owner has successfully transitioned daily responsibility to the employees and operates in a CEO/CFO capacity. The owner is also active in securing and identifying new highly profitable revenue opportunities.


Potential Growth:

This company has a database of over 100 clients that are current or have used their products during the last 10 years. At any given time the company is actively manufacturing components for 8 to 10 clients. One key customer makes up a significant portion of the revenue – around 50%.

The company is established over 15 years and is a well known manufacturer in the industry which is a multi-million dollar market. Additional opportunities exist with the current customer base or developing products for new customers. Additional Marketing and promotion of companies’ capabilities would secure additional revenue.


TBD; up to 10% seller financing

Sale Terms/Price: Cash Free, Debt Free, 30-day transition no charge – additional transition, training to be negotiated with seller – reasonable terms for both parties.

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