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AI Based Global Real Estate Listing Platform – 22 Countries Signed

Price: $5,000,000

Annual Revenue: $1,800,000

Industry: Technology

Location: Connecticut

The Company is the patent owner of The Platform, a Global Real Estate listing platform. This platform sets a unique investment opportunity built on the fact that, increasingly, buyers and sellers and entire markets are getting globalized over time. This platform sets one of a kind listing website with no other platform having achieved the ability to aggregate local/ regional and global real estate listing services at this magnitude

The acquisition is offered at $5,000,000 at 90% Share Equity. The Projected Revenue for 2019 is $1.8MM

The Platform is a technologically innovative Real Estate Listing platform under development. The platform is owned by a company based out of Connecticut. The platform mission is to simplify the search for listed real estate properties across the globe by integrating local, regional, national and global listings.

The company has currently secured listing data for over 22 countries that will be included during the launch of the platform. With this data, the company will launch with five million unpaid listings. The time to completion for this platform is between 60-90 days since over 75% of the work is complete.

The Platform Products and Services
The Platform is developing an advanced, proprietary technology to enable the aggregation of real estate information (listings) on a global scale. This platform is currently 75% complete. The platform will address the following real estate web-listing technology with the following solutions;
• Aggregating real estate listings globally (like “Zillow”) but on a much bigger scale with a comprehensive and easy to use UI (User Interface) between brokers, agents, and individual buyers/ sellers.
• A Faster and easier search compared to other listing platforms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms.
• Aggregation of support tools for current/ future property value prediction using AI technology.
• A development with resonating brand recognizable globally rather than restriction to few nations with the support of multiple languages (current development has incorporated 90 languages)
• Advanced property and market data analytics

Growth & Expansion: The Platform simplifies the meeting of minds and process between cross-border buyers and sellers of real estate property. The Platform primary revenue stream will be generated by property listing at a listing fee of $99 for a six-month listing period. The Platform has secondary revenue streams from; Advertising fees: Platform for products and services aimed at the real estate market and the Platform community and from Affiliate commissions from partnerships with financing sources, trust companies, attorneys and other providers. The company is being run by start-up specialists who have taken part in the initialization of four prior ventures that are now successful. Other members have over 20 years of industry specific experience in the real property space.

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