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how to sell my business onlineFor some business owners that have owned their business for a long time, the internet didn’t exist, or it was of minimal use. Now many companies are sold online. You may be wondering, “How do I sell my company online?”  Internet advertising can make the process of selling your company much faster and easier. However, confidentiality is essential, so you have to take the right approach to sell a business online.

Selling Your Business Online With a Business Broker

Advertising a business for sale online without a business broker can make it very difficult when trying to maintain confidentiality. If you’ve ever seen someone sell something on an auction site or buy a product from a retailer, you have probably realized some of the advantages of trying to sell something online has over trying to sell it with an ad in the local paper or by word of mouth. The internet can reach exponentially more people in a radically shorter amount of time. Not only can this mean a faster sale, but it can also mean a higher price, as you may have more people competing for your business.

But you obviously can’t just post your business online like you were selling a piece of furniture. So how can you leverage the power of the internet to maximize the value of your business when selling it?

Experienced Business Brokers can advertise your business online and do so confidentially. They won’t advertise the name of the business or the address. They will advertise a generic description such as: Construction Company for sale in New York. When someone responds to the online ad, the business broker will have them complete a nondisclosure agreement and provide information on their qualifications to buy the business. This is all done before any information is released on your business.

Synergy Business Brokers – Experienced in selling Businesses online

Synergy Business Brokers has a variety of resources for marketing your business and can employ multiple listing strategies to reach the broadest possible audience while still maintaining the confidentiality of the sale of your business. We do extensive advertising on the internet on such sites as google, bing, yahoo, youtube, bizbuysell, Facebook,, and many other sites.

In addition to online advertising, we also have a list of 27,000 potential buyers that we will contact regarding your business. This buyer database contains potential buyers for the industries that we focus on, such as construction, technology, manufacturing, distribution, services, and healthcare.

Contact us

Visit our contact form to start the process of selling your business online with Synergy Business Brokers. Then click to submit your information, and you’re on your way! We will set up a confidential how do i sell my business onlineconsultation to determine the best way to sell your business. You don’t pay anything until the company is sold, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you’re not sure about selling your business online, we understand. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about how we operate and how we use the internet and other resources to help you sell fast and get the best possible price for your business.  Please call anytime at 888-750-5950 or drop an email for us at [email protected], and we will address all your questions and concerns.

We are an experienced business broker that has sold many businesses with revenues of between $700,000 and $50 million per year for well over a decade. We have experienced Business Brokers in NY, NJ, MA, TX, PA, and CT.  If you want to sell your business efficiently for what it’s truly worth, contact us today.

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