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How Do I Sell My Medical Transportation Company?

how to sell my medical transportation companyWith Uber and Lyft, the transportation industry is going through a transformation. However, for Medical Transportation, most people want a company that they can trust that has been providing medical transportation for a long time. Many medical transportation businesses are very profitable. We focus on selling medical transportation businesses that have a net income of $200,000 to $5 Million. There is a lot of demand for companies with this level of profitability. However, you need someone to manage the process and keep the sale confidential.

What Should I Know About Selling My Medical Transportation Company?

You want a business brokerage firm that has experience selling medical transportation companies.  Synergy Business Brokers has a buyer database of 25,000 potential buyers. Our job is to find the right buyers and keep the sale of your medical transportation company confidential while getting you the best price.

It is a process that unfolds over time. It typically takes 6-10 months to sell a healthcare transportation company. In some cases, it takes as little as three months, and in some cases, more than a year. Pricing the business correctly is essential so that you attract the right buyers that are serious in moving forward. We can give you guidance in this area as well as all aspects of selling your transportation business.

What types of Medical Transportation Companies do you Sell?

Synergy Business Brokers can help you:

  • Sell a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Company
  • Sell your Ambulance Company
  • Sell your EMT Company
  • Sell a Taxi Service that also provides Medical Transportation
  • Selling a Medical Courier Business
  • Selling an Ambulatory Transport Company

No Fee until your Medical Transport Company is sold

We are selective in taking on assignments because we spend a lot on marketing as well as time during the sales process, so we want our investment to pay off. We'll tell you if we think we can meet your pricing expectations and give you an idea of the potential value of your company. Most of our clients have built up a successful business and are now ready to retire. They may not have family members that want to take over the company and turn to us to maximize their sale price and keep the sale confidential.

There is a lot that goes into the business sales process. Without an experienced business broker, it can be challenging to sell your transportation business. We'll help to take the stress out of the process in providing you experienced guidance on what you should and shouldn't do.

Synergy Business Brokers Is the Medical Transport Business Broker You Need on the East Coast

sell a medical transport companyWe have Business Brokers in the Northeast and have buyers throughout the US that are looking to acquire medical transport companies.  You can contact us for a confidential consultation by submitting our quick registration form to get started.

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