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Sell a Test Preparation Business

If you are considering how to sell a test preparation business it would be helpful to talk with someone that has experience selling test prep businesses. Synergy Business Brokers has this experience and offers a confidential consultation. There is no fee until your test prep business is sold.

If you own a test prep business that has an annual net income (including owner's salary) of $200,000 to $5 Million we can sell your test prep business. We'll review your financial information and find out more details about your business and provide you with a potential asking price.

sell a test preparation businessConfidential Test Prep Business Sales

We'll keep the sale of your business confidential so that your students, teachers, competitors, and employees won't find out about a potential sale of your business. You don't want this information getting out until things are finalized. That way you can develop the strategy of transitioning the business to a new owner in an orderly and well thought out fashion. This will better enable the owner to continue with the success of the business.

We'll prepare a confidential overview of the basics of what you do and an overview of your financial information and require potential buyers to sign confidentiality agreements and provide qualifying information before we release the details about your business.

Types of Test Prep businesses we sell

There are a number of different types of test preparation businesses. There is private tutoring, test prep books, courses, online instruction, study guides, coaching, and businesses that combine different types of test preparation.

There are different types of tests to prepare for including licensing courses, SAT, PSAT, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, ACT, and more. We can help you sell any of these types of profitable businesses.  So whether your business is training for licensing for driving, bartending, court reporting, law, healthcare, technology, business, or any other specialty we can sell this type of exam or training business.

Marketing your test prep business

We have an extensive database of potential buyers interested in buying profitable test prep businesses. We also spend more than most Business Brokers and M&A firms to advertise our businesses for sale and drive potential buyers to our website and other business for sale websites.

If you would like a confidential discussion about the sale of your educational business please fill out our seller registration or email [email protected].  We have award winning business brokers that can meet with you in NJ, NY, CT, MA, PA and we sell educational businesses throughout the US and selectively overseas.  To view some of our Senior Brokers and clients you can visit our Overview Video.

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