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Selling your Packaging Company

The Packaging industry is a large and growing segment of the economy. It is estimated that worldwide, the packaging industry will be $1 Trillion in 2020 up from $829 Million in 2015. There are many different types of profitable businesses within the packing industry, and there are various potential buyers depending on the unique strengths of a particular company.

Are you considering selling your packaging company? If so, it would be a benefit to have a business brokerage firm that has experience in the industry and can get you the best price for your packaging business.

Synergy Business Brokers has experience Selling Packaging Companies

We have sold Packaging companies that:Sell my Packaging Company

  • Manufacture Packaging Equipment
  • Distribute Packing Supplies
  • Provide Packaging Design Services
  • Distribute Packaging Products
  • Offer Machine Engineering Services
  • Import Packing Supplies
  • Distribute Moving Pads & Blankets
  • Supplier of Promotional Packaging
  • Distributor of Packing Tools
  • Blister Packing Manufacturer
  • Healthcare Packaging
  • Beauty Product Packaging

Sell Your Packaging Company Confidentially

We protect the privacy of the sale of your business during the sales process. We require potential buyers to sign a confidentiality agreement before releasing the details about your business. We'll also qualify them and select the best potential buyers to introduce to you. Our experience will help to keep the sale on track during the process.

Synergy Business Brokers M&A Experience

When you utilize Synergy Business Brokers to sell your business, you are getting:

  • Sell your Packaging Company17 years of experience selling hundreds of companies
  • A Potential Buyer Database of over 26,000
  • Buyers from within the Packaging Industry as well as outside the industry
  • Private Equity Investors
  • No Fee until your Company is Sold
  • Over 100 combined years of our team in selling businesses
  • Experience selling packaging companies in Manufacturing, Distribution, Services, Marketing, Promotions, and more
  • Focus on Selling companies with annual revenues of $700,000 to $40 Million
  • Relationships with Banks to help with financing
  • Extensive Marketing Program
  • Plan to maximize your Price

About the Packaging Industry

The packaging industry in the United States has seen a consistent growth of at least 4%. This proposes a considerable business opportunity for both business owners as well as potential buyers in the market today. Given these prospects, it will not be of any issue to obtain a good selling price for your business should you be keen on selling.

There are many different materials used in Packaging and Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling companies in the following sectors:

Synergy Business Brokers' M&A Solutions for the Packaging Industry

There is no doubt at all that the packaging industry holds a high level of competition amongst industry players, with it promoting a steady demand on a commercial scale. This situation could make it tough for the buying/selling process should it be managed by those with no proper background and experience in this field.

Our main objective here at Synergy Business Brokers is to ensure you get the best opportunity of your life regardless of whether for selling a business. The best deal is out there, and it is within our scope of responsibility to clinch it for you.

Contact Synergy Business Brokers

If you own a profitable company in the packaging industry that you are interested in selling, please contact us for a private conversation. Please fill out our online form or call 888-750-5950.  We have award-winning business brokers that can meet with you in CT, NY, NJ, MA, PA, and throughout the Northeast and South. We sell Packaging Companies in most states in the US.

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