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Selling A Machine Shop Business

How Do I Sell My Machine Shop?

Starting and running a machine shop can come with some difficulties, but so much reward. With the hard work that you have put into your business when it comes time to sell your machine shop, you want to make sure you sell it for its full worth and sell it effectively. A professional business broker can help you sell your machine shop at full price. Whether you are looking to retire or looking to change careers, Synergy Business brokers can help you sell your machine shop.

How To sell your machine shop.

The industry of machine shops is diverse, with various businesses that focus on using machine tools to modify and manufacture metal, plastic, and composite materials into finished products. Metal Machining Businesses are the most common Machine Shops, but other companies focus exclusively on machining plastic and other materials.  The market isn't dominated by any one or two large companies, and therefore there is an excellent opportunity for consolidation among and between machine shops. Many companies are looking to acquire machine shops. If you are considering selling your machine shop, now is a great opportunity to sell it.

Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling Machine Shop Companies and offers a confidential consultation at no charge to you. We focus on selling profitable Machine Shops and Metal Machining Businesses with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million, so hopefully, your company is within that range. If so, we will review your financial information and provide you with a potential selling price.

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Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling Machine Shops

For transactions involving mergers and acquisitions within this sector, they are often conducted between industry players that stem from a different nature each. This would be classified within the structure of a vertical merger, which takes place between a business entity and its supplier to enable it to take over its supplier’s complete role. There are other potential buyers, such as private equity groups that are interested in acquiring multiple machine shops and creating synergies between the different businesses that they acquire. Machine shops we specialize in:

Sell my machine shop business

Regardless of the type of machine shop that you are considering selling, Synergy Business Brokers has ample experience within the industry to assist in every way possible. Let our team get your business sold to the most trusted buyer at the maximum possible sales price that you target to achieve. We are specialized in selling businesses within industries that have available buyers on hand, and our database shows a good number of potential buyers throughout the U.S., as well as overseas.

Your business sales transaction will be in the right hands of our experienced team of brokers who has a track record of success since 2003.

Where To Sell A Machine Shop

Machine Shops can be sold locally, nationally, or internationally. Some buyers will move to your location or focus on managing your machine shop from their location. At Synergy Business Brokers we can target a variety of locations and have potential buyers. The more buyers, the more competition to buy your machine shop. The best-case scenario would result in a bidding war that increases the sale price of your machine shop. Sell your machine shop through our brokerage firm to reach a wide variety of buyers in a variety of locations.

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Selling A Niche Machine Shop With A Business Broker

Many machine shops have approached us and asked, "Is it possible to sell my machine shop that produces (extremely specific niche part)" While there may not be as many buyers for your machine shop, there is always potential. Seeking out competitors to acquire your business or looking for businesses within your industry is just one way to sell your niche machine shop.

About the Machine Shop and Metal Machining Industry

The industry of machine shops and tools revolve around industry players that sell products as well as those who manufacture and supply them. Mergers and acquisitions within this sector see a progressive trend but not at a tremendous rate. Nevertheless, transactions of mergers and acquisitions still get conducted over various states which target both local businesses, as well as international entities.

In the industry of machine shops and tools, we can see sellers of tools and equipment as well as manufacturers and suppliers of said products. Thus, mergers and acquisitions within this sector do not fall far from these two aspects of businesses. Business owners are often inclined towards a vertical merger, which involves a seller acquiring its supplier to run its own operations and expand its business to serve broader markets.

Though the mergers and acquisitions’ dealings may have been narrowed down, it is not safe to imply that the processes involved are going to be much simpler. Business owners would still have to go through the tedious steps of analyzing the company’s finances, be liable for its headcount, and manage the ultimate handover. Synergy Business Brokers can also generate an in-depth marketing plan for your company during a confidential consultation session that is free of charge. In fact, there is no fee until your company is sold.

Speak to us to discuss what are the achievements you have in mind for your business as well as to weigh in on the pros and cons of the transaction to enable us to assist you in making the most significant decision of your life.

Why Should Your Machine Shop and Tool Company Work with Synergy Business Brokers?

We have trained a team of experienced brokers and have had a track record of over 17 years within the M&A sector. Our database contains at least 25,000 potential buyers who come from local markets as well as overseas who are ready to make an offer for your machine shop and tool business, which will maximize the sales price.

If you have any inquiries about our services for the machine shop and tool industries, feel free to schedule a confidential appointment with us.

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