How Do I Sell My Interior Design Business?

sell interior design businessOwning an Interior Design Business can be very rewarding.  However, at some point you may want to transition into retirement. You may be asking yourself, how do I sell my interior design business and how do I put a valuation on my design business. The first step in the process is to contact someone that has experience selling interior design businesses.

Award Winning Business Brokers for your Interior Design Business

Synergy Business Brokers has been selling businesses in the design and build construction industry for 15 years.  We have built up a database of 22,000 potential buyers that range from other construction companies, interior design businesses, wealthy entrepreneurs, and private equity investors.

We sell businesses with annual revenues of $600,000 to $30 Million so if you have a design business that is in that range we would love to speak with you to provide a free confidential consultation about potentially selling your business. There is no fee for our services until we sell a business so there is no obligation on your part.

Valuation for your Interior Design Business

We will learn more about your business including your area of expertise, customers, employees, and how a new buyer might be able to grow your business. We'll also review your financial information and take into account your full owner's compensation including your salary, perks, and benefits. We'll discuss a potential asking price and if you decide to move forward we'll provide you with our listing agreement and we receive a commission based on what your selling price is, so we'll both be on the same page in trying to sell your business for the most we can get for it, while at the same pricing it at a level where buyers will be interested.

We have Brokers that can meet with you in CT, NJ, NY, MA, and beyond. In many cases, our buyer will be within 40 miles from your location but we have potential buyers throughout the US and sometimes sell businesses to overseas buyers.  We'll look for someone that will be a good fit to take over your business in addition to giving you a good price. You'll want someone that you can work with because in most cases you need to stay after the sale to provide a transition to help the new buyer learn the specifics of your business and introduce them to employees, customers, and teach your company know how.

Confidential Business Sales

Our clients want to protect their confidentiality when selling their interior design business so we only advertise the business in general terms and have buyers sign a nondisclosure agreement before providing the details.

Whether you have a business that does only interior design or you also do design and build in either case we have potential buyers. We usually need to speak with a number of potential buyers to find the right one for your business. Often we're able to get multiple offers and this gives us the most leverage to negotiate the best deal for you.

We'll work with you during the process to keep things moving forward. On average the process takes 6-9 months from start to finish but sometimes the stars align and we're able to complete deals in a couple of months when everything goes quickly.

If you are ready for a confidential consultation, please fill out our seller registration, or call (914) 738-9350. We look forward to speaking with you and developing a relationship.

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