How Do I Sell My Driving School?

How to sell a driving schoolAre you thinking of selling your Driving School? You may be ready to retire after all of the work you have put into building the School.  You probably have a lot of questions such as: What is the best way to sell my Driver Education Business? How much can I sell my Driving School for? Who would be the best buyers and who has experience in selling Driving Schools?

Synergy Business Brokers has 15 years of experience selling Driving Schools

We can help guide you through the process of selling your Driver Education Business. We sell Driving Schools with annual revenues of $600,000 to $30 Million. If your school falls within that range we would like to talk with you about how we can help. The first step would be finding out more about your business. What types of drivers you serve and how long have you been in business. And do you focus on educating students in schools or private lessons and private courses or a combination? The next step would be to review your financial information and see how much you are making as the owner each year. Then we can give you an idea of how to price your driving school. If you would like to move forward than we would have you sign our Listing Agreement which only provides for payment if we sell your Driver Education Business.

Confidential Marketing Program

The first step in marketing your business is to write a confidential overview of your business. This will provide some general information about your business and will be advertised on a number of websites. We will also contact our database of 24,000 potential buyers and reach out to other driving schools or educational businesses that might want to add your business to their offerings. Before we provide them with the specifics about your business they will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement and provide information on their qualifications. Then we will provide them with a more detailed document on your business including the financial information. We will typically need to speak with a number of potential buyers before getting someone that is qualified and seriously interested in your business. It's a process that unfolds over time. Normally we introduce the first qualified and interested buyer to you within 1-8 weeks and its usually 1-6 buyer that we introduce in order to sell your driving school. On average it takes 6-10 months to sell your business.

Negotiating Offers

The best way to get a great price for your driving school is to have multiple offers. We strive for this on all of our assignments. This gives us the most leverage in negotiating the details of the offer in terms of pricing and structure of the deal. We also have relationships with banks so we're able to assist qualified buyers with getting financing so that in some cases the seller doesn't need to provide any financing and is able to get paid in full at the closing.

If you’re in NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA or anywhere on the East Coast and beyond and are looking to sell a driving school with annual owner's net income of $200,000 to $4 Million, we are here to help. Drop us a line at, fill out and submit our easy online form or give us a call at 888-750-5950 and we’ll set up a private consultation to get started.

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