What is the best way to sell my Chemical Company?

If you are considering selling your chemical company, you should know that they are in demand. That doesn't mean that you don't have to prepare properly and have the right procedure for selling your chemical distribution company.  It's best to have someone that has sold chemical distributors before that can help guide you through the process. We can help you answer questions such as: How much is my chemical company worth? How do I market it to potential buyers? How do I keep my employees and customers from finding out?

Business Brokers with experience selling Chemical Distributors

Sell a Chemical Company

Chemical Warehouse

Synergy Business Brokers has sold multiple chemical distribution companies.  We have potential buyers for a wide variety of chemical distributors, including Chemical Importers, Cleaning Chemicals, Minerals, Environmental Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Life Sciences, and Specialty Chemicals. Our potential buyers range from other large Chemical Companies, Private Equity Groups, Wealthy Individuals, and Domestic and International Companies.

The first step in the process is to have a confidential conversation with us to determine how we can best help you. We'll get an overview of your company and what your goals are.  To give you an idea of a potential price for your Chemical Distributor, we'll review your financial information and take into account other desirable factors as well as challenges in your business.

No Fee until your Chemical Company is sold

If you decide to move forward with us, there is no fee until we sell your Chemical Company.  We receive a commission based off of the sale price, so we both have the same goals of selling your chemical business in a timely fashion at a good price.

We sell Chemical Distribution Businesses with annual revenues of $600,000 - $30 Million+ and have a database of over 24,000 potential buyers. We will develop an overview of your business and require buyers to sign a confidentiality agreement before we release the identity of your business.  In addition to marketing the summary to our potential buyers, we'll advertise on the internet with some of the sites we use getting over 1 Million monthly users. We also use social media and artificial intelligence to drive potential buyers to our website.

We will customize a plan if you have some potential buyer that you do or don't want us to contact. Generally, we're able to introduce a qualified potential buyer within 1-8 weeks, and it usually takes 1 to 6 buyers that we present to sell your chemical company. The process often is 6 to 9 months from start to finish, but in some cases, we've sold businesses in a couple of months if everything goes smoothly. The company needs to be appropriately priced to have a timely sale.  We usually get multiple offers which provide us with leverage to negotiate the best price for your chemical distribution business.

Confidential Consultation

We are based in the Northeast with locations in NJ, CT, NY, and MA. We sell chemical companies throughout the US. Please fill out the form on this page or email us at [email protected], or give us a call at 888-750-5950 and we’ll set up a private consultation to get things started.

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