How Do I Sell My Environmental Services Business?

If you are considering selling an environmental services business you may be wondering what would be the best way to do that?  Environmental Services businesses that have revenues of $600,000 to $30 Million are desirable businesses for potential buyers of businesses. Below are some of the steps to take when considering selling your environmental services business.

Contact an Environmental Services Business Broker

Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling Businesses that benefit the environment.   An example of some of the environmentally friendly businesses that we have sold are as follows:

Energy Conservation, Certification & Analysis Company

Four different colored trash cans with the number 23 on each of them.A company that cost-effectively reduced energy costs with testing, thermal imaging analysis, Energy Star, Green Building requirements, building code verification, and certification services including LEED certifications, and more. Provided services to general contractors, architects, remodelers, HVAC contractors, and homeowners. We had multiple potential buyers and the best offer came in slightly under the asking price. The buyer was motivated and saw the value of the company, so he was willing to raise his offer to full asking price and was able to get SBA financing for the purchase.

Environmental Remediation Business

The company that specializes in soil excavation, removal, and replacement; mold inspection and remediation; and oil tank removal and installation. Multiple buyers expressed interest and we negotiated terms that worked for seller and buyer allowing the seller to transition into retirement.

Spray Foam Insulation Business

A company that provides energy star insulation for both residential and commercial saving energy and money on their Heating and Cooling bills.  The potential buyer did not need bank financing and was able to pay over 80% of the purchase price at closing with the seller financing the balance.

Water Treatment Services Company

A business that specialized in water treatment services for both residential and commercial customers.  This company provides water and energy saving products and solutions to its clients.

Confidential Consultation

To contact us you can fill out the form on this page and we'll discuss some of the next steps including:

Provide you with a potential asking price

We will review your financial information and find out more about your customers and employees and what makes your business unique.  Working with you to identify what your total income is including your salary, perks, and benefits, we can determine the total business worth. We focus on selling companies that have an annual income (including salary, perks, and benefits) of $200,000 to $4Million.

Once we've gathered enough information we can provide you with a potential asking price for your business. There is no fee for our services until your business is sold.

Marketing while maintaining confidentiality

We will use the information you provided to develop a marketing document that provides enough information to get people interested while at the same time protecting the confidentiality of your business. Once we have someone interested we will have them sign a nondisclosure agreement and see that they are qualified before providing the details of your business.

Hire us to Sell Your Environmental Business

All of this may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be, especially when you have a business sales expert like Synergy Business Brokers that has sold Green businesses and knows what buyers are looking for. We have specific experience and knowledge when it comes to selling environmentally friendly businesses — knowledge you’ll need if you want to sell fast and get the best price.

Get in touch with us for a private consultation. We have business brokers in New York and throughout the North East and sell businesses nationwide. Call us now at 888-750-5950, email us at, or fill out our form and submit it today.

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