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Buy a Business with Buyer Agent Business Brokers

Are you interested in finding the right business to buy? You can browse our current businesses for sale and sort by industry, price, geography, etc. If we have something you are interested in, please fill out our online NDA on the company for sale that is of interest.

If we don't have anything of interest, you may consider speaking to us about representing you as Buyer Broker to find the right business for you.  So what is a Buyer Broker? And how do they differ from a typical business broker? Most business brokers represent sellers. A buyer agent business broker will represent you as the buyer.

Buyer Agent Business Brokers represent you to buy a business

Business Brokers that Represent Buyers

A buyer broker will find out what kind of business you are interested in buying—one that fits with your skills, interests, budget, and desired geography. The more you can identify what types of businesses would be of interest to purchase and what wouldn't be, the better off you will be.

Maybe you have already identified what type of business you want to buy. If so, then you can discuss that with your Buyer Agent Business Broker, and he can start identifying specific companies that fit your criteria. They will contact business owners to see if they are interested in selling. They will also use their network of contacts with other business brokers to see what companies for sale that they have available that might be of interest.

Buyer Agents for Specific Industries

We specialize in selling companies that have annual revenues of $700,000 to $50 Million in the following industries:

Business Broker Buyer Agents for specific industries

Synergy Business Brokers has been selling businesses in these industries since 2002, with hundreds of transactions closed.

Financing a Business Purchase

If you don't already have financing in place, we can recommend several banks and provide you with contacts with their SBA Loan Officers. We'll want to know what amount you can qualify for to hone in on businesses of a specific price point.

Business Broker to help me buy and finance a business

Buyer Representatives for Business Owners

If you already own a company and want to grow through acquisition, then a Buyer Broker can strategize with you as to what business targets might be a good fit. It could be a company in the same industry but in a different geography or with different customers. They may have similar products or services but somewhat different from yours so that you can expand your product or services. This would allow you to cross-sell each other's customers with new offerings and offer more of a complete solution.

Other examples of good potential acquisitions are a company that has things that you can leverage, such as a unique product or service that you can sell through your sales, marketing, and distribution network.  There are a lot of creative ways to grow your business by acquiring the right company. Synergy Business Brokers buyer brokers can help you find the right fit.

Buy-Side Brokers for Individuals

For individuals, it's important to identify what types of businesses would allow you to be successful based on the skills and experience that you have. In addition to that, it's essential that you think about what type of business you would be interested in buying. Because even if you have the right skills, without a passion for a business, it won't work out as well. The more specific you can be, the better. So, narrow down the types of companies you would be most interested in, and then a buyer broker can try to find the best fit for you. If your ideal business is not available, then we can widen out our search.

Buy-Side M&A Advisors for Private Equity Groups

We like to work with Private Equity groups that have already acquired companies. Then we can focus on potential add-on acquisitions or platform acquisitions that might be of particular interest to a private equity firm. Private Equity groups usually have defined parameters for what they are looking for. Any additional color on this is helpful in understanding what things are most important to you, including size, industry, etc.

Buys Side Business Broker Search Process

The first step is to find what type of business you are most interested in to see if that is something we think we can help you with. We don't charge a fee unless we refer you to a business that you end up buying. So we are selective in taking on buy-side clients who we feel confident that we can help. We need to understand how much money you have available for purchasing a business, what geography you are interested in, the type of industry, and any particular companies that are high on your list for us to contact.

Buy Side Business Broker Search Process

We'll also discuss our process, and if you feel that we are also the right fit for you, then we'll have you sign our Buyer Fee Agreement. The agreement only provides for a fee if we are successful in selling you a business. In addition, if you can provide us with information on your funds available, this will help us in letting sellers know that we have a qualified buyer. Once we have this, we'll get to work contacting potential sellers and brokers on your behalf. We will usually need to make a lot of contacts before we get one that might be a fit for you. When we do, we'll send over some information on the business. Our Buyer Fee Agreement has a non-disclosure clause in it, but in some cases, you may need to sign one that a sell-side broker requires or a potential seller may need.

When you review the information, you can let us know if this is something you want to pursue further by either asking questions or setting up a discussion with the owner of the business. As this process unfolds, we'll gain a better understanding of what you like and don't like, and this will allow us further refine our efforts on your behalf.

Buyer Brokers Negotiate offers on your behalf

Once you have met the owner and identified a business you are interested in; we'll provide you with guidance on submitting an offer. We'll also negotiate the offer for you. It's much more than just about the price. There are a lot of other variables, including whether the seller is providing financing. If they are, then we need to work out terms of the owner financing. Sellers usually want as much as possible paid at the closing, and buyers typically prefer to pay more over time. Other things to be negotiated are the term of the payments and whether it will be personally guaranteed or whether the business is the collateral for the seller note. Then there is the issue of the length of a seller transition and compensation. These are all things that can derail a deal. We work hard to encourage a spirit of cooperation and finding out what is most important to each side.

Buy Side Business Brokers negotiate on your behalf

In addition to an offer, we'll also want to understand what your due diligence requirements will be so that we can make sure that the seller is on the same page. This way, everyone can work towards a smooth transfer of information to move things along quickly. We'll also help with any issues that come up with the buyer and seller's lawyers that can't be solved among the attorneys. It often helps to have an experienced buyer broker that can keep the deal momentum moving forward toward a closing.

Before we get started on a search for you, please take a look at our current businesses for sale.

View Companies for sale based on industry & price

To see if we have a business for sale of interest already on the market, you can view all of our current Businesses for Sale, or you can view companies for sale based on an industry of interest below:

Business Broker Company for Sale

Technology, Distribution, Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Services, Engineering, Transportation

To view a company for sale based on price, click on one of the price ranges: Price Below $600,001, $700,000 to $1.5Million, $1.5Mill to $4Mill, $4Mill - $10Mill, $10Mill - $25Mill.

If you find a business you would like to get more information on; please click on the Non-Disclosure Agreement on the listing of interest.  After you've filled out the NDA and Buyer Registration Information, a Broker will follow up with you.

Consultation to Buy a Business

If you don't find a specific business of interest among our current companies for sale, we would be happy to talk with you and see if we might be a good fit to represent you in searching for the right company for your to purchase.  You can fill out our contact form or call (888) 750-5950 to speak with one of our Buyer Brokers.

We have Business Brokers located in NY, TX, NJ, MA, CT, and PA, and we sell businesses in most parts of the US. You can read: what business should I buy and visit Buyer FAQ and Buyer Articles.

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