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CONFIDENTIALity during the sale of a businessAn important part of selecting the right business broker is to have one who understands the critical role of confidentiality during the sale of a business. It is very difficult for a business owner trying to sell the business themselves to maintain confidentiality.   Selling a business will require a professional business broker that knows how to maintain confidentiality while marketing the business to a number of potential buyers so that you can get the best price for the business.

Confidentiality Agreements are an important part of the sale process. Potential buyers might be suppliers, vendors, creditors, customers, and confidentiality would be even more important. A failure to maintain confidentiality with these parties may lead to negative reactions in the marketplace. All issues arising from confidentiality can have a way to negatively impact your business. For instance, creditors might stop cash financing, vendors could change their terms, and so on. The idea is to ensure confidentiality at all levels concerned.

Negative reactions from employees and customers might be observed when a breach of confidentiality happens. Employees might start worrying about the security of their jobs if word spreads that management is under fire from some other party. This process can prompt employees to go looking for jobs elsewhere leaving you with positions that need to be filled, and they just might be your best employees, the kind that keeps your business thriving. This could lead to loss of customers and significantly raise a red flag to your buyer.

And then there is your competition. When word reaches your competition that you just might be selling your business, through breached confidentiality, they may put the word out and capture the attention of your customers in an effort to woo them. Finally, a breach in confidentiality can just spell out the mediocracy in the transaction and prospective buyers might end up running for the hills at some point. The following is a guide to the best way to protect your confidentiality.

Opting for a great business intermediary or business broker is the best way to protect your confidentiality. Business brokers have expertise in this filed and have mastered the art of promoting a business transaction without raising alarms to your competition, employees, vendors, and creditors.

There are many that could cause a breach in your confidentiality. When attempting a sale on your own, you might end up revealing who you are. At the end of the day, communication mechanisms will come into play, emails, phone numbers, physical addresses and other critical information that can be traced back to you easily and eventually your business. Look for a broker, so that you don’t make these mistakes on your own.

All the best ways to protecting yourself from a confidentiality breach lead to an experienced business broker. A business broker will help you bypass potentially incriminating issues on your side. They will also ensure all interested parties sign confidentiality agreements and are pre-qualified. This way, only the absolute necessities are revealed. In simple terms, it is best to work with a professional and well-seasoned business broker and maintain your confidentiality.


Synergy business brokers can help you sell and buy a business, execute mergers and acquisitions, and value a business. They sell businesses with annual revenues of $700,000 to $40 Million in healthcareservicesengineering, education,technologydistributionconstructionmanufacturing,  and transportation industries. We have Senior Brokers in NJ, CT, NY, MA, and sell businesses throughout the country.

For a confidential consultation please fill out our Seller Registration form or call (914) 738-9350 or email [email protected].

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